January Hand Lettering Prompts and Practice Workbook

This free lettering workbook can be used for January hand lettering prompts, January crafts, doodles, or even bullet journal layouts for January. Included are the fonts and the practice sheets. If you’re new, get started with hand-lettering for free!

Grab these January Hand Lettering Prompts, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling.

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January Hand Lettering Prompts for Practice, Crafts, and Doodles

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I rarely find myself staring at a blank page for long but it does happen from time to time. In order to help inspire you to create, I’ve developed a list of January hand lettering prompts and hand lettering practice sheets.

But don’t think this is only limited to practicing your brush lettering, calligraphy, or word doodles. I’ve already used these prompts to create cards, a wall display, and even a play prompt for my daughter and her friend.

January Hand Lettering Fonts Used

I am always falling in love with fonts I find and it can be such a pain trying to track them down. So instead of transferring that frustration to you, I am including the fonts I have used in this set of January hand lettering prompts.

If one of these fonts strikes your fancy, grab it and create your own hand-lettering practice sheets.

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How to Use The Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

Often, I’m inspired by a phrase, quote, or even a single word. I like to practice writing the word first, maybe sketch a layout for a piece, and then set my sights on my final project. You can use these the same way throughout the month, printing as many copies as you need.

Included in the January hand lettering and doodling workbook (11 pages total) are:

  • January lettering prompts (daily)
  • Links to fonts – because sometimes we fall in love with a style!
  • 3 sets of type / font styles
  • 3 sets of practice sheets (including blanks)

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How to Download the January Practice Sheets

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Grab these January Hand Lettering Prompts, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling. #handlettering #fonts #handmade #diycrafts #diylettering

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  1. Sarah, I’m late signing up and I’m trying to get the January Hand Lettering Prompts Workbook link but it going to Fonts Used.

    1. Sandra, If you click on the words, “January 2018,” it will take you to the file. I’ll rewrite that page so it’s easier for others. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. HI Sarah, Happy New Year. I was trying to print your January font book but where would I click to print it? Great idea. My daughter who is eight is getting into caligraphy and it will be a wonderful aid to her. Thank You

    1. Jigna, The link has been updated. Sorry about that, I must have been so excited to get started! ;)