March Hand Lettering Prompts and Free Practice Workbook

Here is the list of fun and festive March hand lettering prompts for brush lettering practice, March crafts, doodles, or even bullet journal layouts for March. I’ve included three fonts styles in this month’s free hand lettering practice workbook. Get started hand lettering today!

Grab these March Hand Lettering Prompts, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling.

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The Times, They Are a-Changin’

Before we get started – check here to see if one of the most beloved hand lettering pens are on special! I picked up another pack about a week ago (for the little one). :)

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My daughter recently brought home a poem from school about March and we spent our morning making up a song for it. Pots and pans, wooden spoons, and whisks are still our instruments of choice.

This mama just cannot handle the kazoo, y’all. No.

This time of year, most parts of the world get a fresh shower to clear away the muck of the winter. Isn’t it so refreshing? Here in Seattle, we just endure a bit more rain.


March Hand Lettering Prompts for Practice, Crafts, and Doodles

For me, many doodles will accompany the March hand lettering prompts. I’ll throw in flowers, umbrellas, a few baby animals, and a lot of umbrellas and rain showers.

What about you? If you keep a bullet journal or a daily diary, do you doodle? Or, do you like to keep it clean and sleek?

I’m such a doodler.

Supplies Needed

March Hand Lettering Fonts Used

As always, I’ve included the fonts below and in the practice workbook. There’s the most adorable bounce font style for you to practice this month. It’s one of my absolute favorites!

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How to Use The Lettering Worksheets

Do you have an idea for a hand lettering March craft already? Practice each letter and start combining them (that last font just screams Spring). If you’re comfortable with it, use a pencil to sketch out the writing. If you’re not yet strong with your favorite but still need to craft (I get it), just use some tracing paper.

Included in the March hand lettering and doodling workbook (11 pages total) are:

  • March lettering daily prompts
  • Links to fonts – because sometimes we fall in love with a style!
  • 3 sets of type / font styles
  • 3 sets of practice sheets (including blanks)

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Grab these March Hand Lettering Prompts, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling. #handlettering #fonts #handmade #diycrafts #diylettering

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  1. These are great! I want to believe it is really spring. But here in NY, last night a storm dumped over 15 inches of snow. So, I think Mother Nature playing some tricks on us to say the least. That said thanks for the prompts and hopeful that spring will find us sooner rather than later now.

  2. I just discovered your site and this series of prompts. How wonderful of you to provide this to your readers. I have seem many lettering prompt lists but none that actually provide tutorials on different styles of writing. I can’t wait to start! I have downloaded the March and February prompts and have signed up for your newsletter to access the January download. Thank you again for what promises to be a very productive lettering year!

    1. I’m so glad we discovered each other, Shelley. Hand lettering takes a lot of practice and I get so bored practicing a single style. I need to jazz things up and even try the same quotes or sayings in different styles to really be happy with a finished piece.

      Be sure to share your lettering on the Facebook wall for Ruffles and Rain Boots. :)