Animal Valentine Puns: Animal Sayings for Cards and Tags

This massive list of animal Valentine puns is going to make quick work of filling out a sentiment or making your own homemade printable Valentine’s Day cards. Click to read (and chuckle) your way through them all.

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Make adorable cards, classroom Valentines, and more with these animal Valentine puns.

Valentine’s Day Animal Sayings

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love designing my own cards. I’ll link a few below, but I have tackled everything from kids to adults and sarcastic to sweet.

You can use the animal puns below to make your own classroom Valentine’s Day cards to print and hand out, whip up a sweet card for a loved one, or want to design a Valentine’s Day sign in Cricut or Silhouette. The sky is the limit with these cute sayings! Here’s my list broken down by animal. Before we start…

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felt hearts in pink and red shades with text which reads the best animal puns for cards valentines notes and more

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Whale Animal Puns

You can easily draw a whale with some basic shapes in most word-processing programs or even free online programs like Canva. These would be really fun to make your own cards with.

  • I whaley love you.
  • You’re whaley cute.
  • You’re a whaley awesome friend.
  • I’m whaley glad we’re friends.
  • Let’s be whaley good friends.
  • You’re so amazing, people think you’re a myth (narwhal – use this free narwhal design).
narwhal clipart and narwhal SVG to make a narwhal card in print then cut Cricut Silhouette

Valentine’s Day Dog Puns

Man’s best friend deserves a spot on our Valentine animal puns list. Where would we be if we left them out?

  • I ‘wuff’ you, Valentine (also woof).
  • You are paw-sitively amazing.
  • You are dog-gone great, Valentine.
  • You are paw-some!
  • You’re a treat, Valentine.
  • You arf the best friend.
  • Pugs and kisses for you, Valentine (pug).

Animal Puns: Otter

Having made a set of free otter Valentine’s Day printable cards, I can tell you this collection is probably my favorite.

  • You’re otter this world.
  • I otterly adore you.
  • I like you like no otter.
  • There’s no otter friend like you.
  • You’re a friend like no otter.
Otter Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Printable Classroom Valentines

Isn’t this one adorable? It’s from MabbRose Designs and it can be customized and printed at home!

custom and printable animal Valentine from Mabb Rose Designs on Etsy

Cat Puns for Valentine’s Day

Snuggly little cats and kittens are up next on our animal puns for cards and classroom Valentines. I can just hear the purring now…

  • You are purrr-fect, Valentine!
  • You are my fur-ever friend.
  • Have a paw-sitively awesome day!
  • You’re a-mew-zing, Valentine.
  • I’m not kitten, you’re the best.
  • I have very strong felines about our friend ship.

Flamingo Puns for Cards and Valentines

I honestly begged my family to come up with a few more for me – flamingoes are my favorite. You can even use the flamingo graphics I made for this set (for Word or Pages, use the PNG to create your own cards).

  • I’m tickled pink to know you, friend.
  • You’re fl-amazing, Valentine!
  • I’m putting my foot down, you’re awesome!
  • So happy you’re part of my flock, friend.
  • We flamingo together, Valentine.
stacked vertical image of pink flamingo clipart and svg files for cricut silhouette with text which reads adorable flamingo graphics and cut files

Valentines Lion Puns

Okay, so I got a bit stumped on the lion sayings and could really use your help for more. Just pop a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

  • I’d be lion if I said I didn’t love ya.
  • I’m not lion, you’re the cutest!
  • You’re a great friend, and I’m not lion.
  • You make my hear ROAR, Valentine!

Sea Creatures and Fish Valentine Puns

These are some of the cutest animal sayings for Valentine’s Day. I tried to include a couple of generic and animal-specific options.

  • I chews you, Valentine (shark).
  • You’re a jaw-some friend!
  • Just swimming by to say have a great Valentine’s Day (fish)!
  • Have a fin-tastic Valentine’s Day.
  • You’re of-fish-ally awesome!
  • I can “sea” you’re a great friend, Valentine.
  • I’m hooked on you, friend.

Dinosaur Puns for Valentine’s Day

I have you covered here with some fun sayings and graphics! If you have a cutting machine, load these free dinosaur graphics into your Cricut or Silhouette software. If you don’t, use the PNG files to create your very own cards in Word, Pages, or presentation software.

  • You’re RAWR-some, Valentine!
  • You make my heart saur.
  • You’re at the triceratops of my list, friend.
  • You are DINO-mite!
  • You are T-riffic, friend.
photo collage of dinosaur cut files for cricut or silhouette on a valentines card with text which reads free svgs

More Card and Valentine Animal Puns

  • Raccoon: You’ve stolen my heart, Valentine.
  • Wolf: Howl always be your Valentine.
  • Cow: You’re a-moo-zing!
  • Owl: You’re a hoot!
  • Giraffe: Let’s be friends a long time, Valentine.
  • Zebra: You’re one of a kind, Valentine!
  • Hippopotamus: You’re so hip, oh, Valentine.
  • Elephant: You’re tons of fun, friend!
  • Monkey: I go bananas for you, Valentine!
  • Bear: I can’t bear to be without you.
  • Cheetah: I’ll always have a spot for you, Valentine.
  • Alligator: I’d snap at the chance to be with you!
  • Hedgehog: Sending you hedge-hugs.
  • Beaver: Wood you be my Valentine?
  • Squirrel: I’m nuts about you!
  • Llama: You’re ll-amazing, friend!
  • Deer: Deer, you’re the best friend anyone can ask for.
  • Skunk: You are too stinking cute, Valentine!
  • Bird: You’re a twee-heart, friend.
  • Turtle: You’re turtle-y awesome, Valentine.
  • Kangaroo: Hoppy Valentine’s Day, friend.
  • Sheep: I love our friend-sheep, Valentine.
  • Bunny: You’re some-bunny special, friend.
  • Penguin: You waddled into my heart, Valentine.
  • Polar Bear: You’re a super cool friend.
  • I’m wild about you.
  • You’re the coolest party animal.
  • I’m wild over our friendship, Valentine.

If you’d like to make your own cards or classroom Valentines, head over to my favorite digital design shop and search for your animal. From watercolor to line drawings, you can find any artwork to go with your puns.

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Do You Have Some Animal Puns to Add?

Let me know in the comments if you have an animal pun for Valentine’s Day and I’ll add it to the list!

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