Make These Awesome Ahsoka Mickey Ears for Your Star Wars Fan!

These DIY Ahsoka Mickey ears are the most epic and fun idea to make for anyone who loves Star Wars and the most fun leading lady of the Jedi path.

diy ashoka mickey ears for star wars galaxy's edge
These easy Ahsoka Mickey ears are so fun and simple–but they look incredible and are the perfect Star Wars Mickey ears for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Ahsoka Mickey Ears

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have a bit of a confession to make: Star Wars is our secret fan-girl obsession. Ok. Maybe not so secret. But the deal is, that galaxy far, far away is so cool, so fun, and so full–I kind of want to bring a bit of everything from there to here. And the kiddo is right there with me. So, as a little surprise, I decided to make some DIY Star Wars Mickey ears for her based on her favorite character from Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano.


Let me tell you, seriously, making these Ahsoka Mickey ears was so easy, but the result so stunning…I kind of feel like I should make a pair for myself. Is that wrong? Is it wrong to match your kiddo? I’m a little concerned she’d be embarrassed. Hm…It might be worth the risk. If you’re ready to make an epic pair of Ahsoka Mickey ears for your trip (whether real or imagined) to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, well, let’s get started.

closeup of homemade ahsoka minnie ears for star wars galaxy's edge with text which reads easy diy ahsoka tano mickey with free cut files
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photo collage of star wars mickey ears diy pattern with text which reads make these easy ahsoka tano diy mickey ears

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Tips to Make Star Wars Mickey Ears

  • Start by grabbing the cut files here for these easy Star Wars Mickey ears. Even if you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette, you can make these using the files by simply using the JPG file as a printable template–then cut the heat transfer file with scissors.
  • For the ear form for these Ahsoka Mickey ears, I used dollar store dish scrubbies, the same as we did for these pretty Disney cruise ears (a great option for those torrential Disney downpours), but you can use foam core board (not the squishy foam stuff) or cardboard as the base for your ears. Just be aware that it rains frequently at Disney–and if you don’t use something water-resistant, you might have damaged ears.
  • I always feel like you can apply heat transfer vinyl with a regular iron, but then I’m like: well, you CAN, but should you? No. You should try not to do that. Because, I learned the hard way that the clothes iron doesn’t get consistently hot all the way across the plate and then it’s just kind of icky looking when you get ready to take the iron off your vinyl…Just use an EasyPress if you can.
easy star wars mickey ears ashoka

How Do I Make These Ahsoka Mickey Ears?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Pair Ahsoka Mickey Ears

Ahsoka Mickey Ears

easy star wars mickey ears ashoka

These easy Ahsoka Mickey ears are so fun and simple--but they look incredible and are the perfect Star Wars Mickey ears for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 1 Sheet Orange Craft Foam
  • 1 Sheet Brown Craft Foam
  • Scraps White Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • 1 Roll Blue Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • 1 Fake Silver/Clear Jewel
  • Scraps Twine
  • 1 2-inch Wide Satin Headband
  • 3 12x12 Sheets White Craft Felt
  • 3 Strong Magnets
  • 1 Dark Green Scrubbie
  • Small Amount of Polyfill
  • Small Amount of 4-inch Wide Orange Tulle Ribbon
  • 12-inch Length of Black Rope Ribbon
  • 3 Floral/Craft Wires


  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker
  • Light Grip Mat
  • Fabric Grip Mat
  • EasyPress Mini
  • Sewing Machine & White Thread
  • Wire Cutters/Pliers


  1. Download the cut files, load them to Cricut Design Space and cut out 4 of the ear shapes from white craft felt, all of the squiggly shapes for 4 ears, two side montrals and one back montral from blue heat transfer vinyl, the facial markings for Ahsoka from white heat transfer vinyl, the large rectangle shape from the orange craft foam for the bow and the crown/headdress from the brown craft foam.
  2. Weed all of the heat transfer vinyl pieces and affix the blue squiggly shapes onto the ear shapes (6 squiggles plus a pointy tip topper per ear shape) and the other blue squiddles on the montrals, and the white facial markings for Ashoka onto the orange rectangle, as desired, using the EasyPress Mini. photo collage of how to make ashoka mickey ears
  3. Pin two of the ears together face-to-face, pin the three montrals in half by folding them right-side-to-right-side, then sew each of these in place, leaving the bottom of each of the ears open and the top of each of the montrals. Turn each of these pieces right-side-out.
  4. Cut the scrubbie in the shape of each ear, then fold the new cutout in half and feed it up into each ear. Place polyfill stuffing on either side to give the ear a bit of shape. photo collage of how to make ashoka tano mickey ears
  5. Place a floral wire, cut to length, into each of the montral shapes, stuffing each of them with polyfill. Place the montral open-side-down on a piece of white felt and draw the opening with a pencil. Cut this circle out, then cut 1/4-inch fringe around the edge every 1/2-inch or so.
  6. With the largest montral's white felt circle, place a magnet on it and then put a generous amount of hot glue all over it and about 1/4-inch outside of the magnet to create a seal. Allow this hot glue to dry completely.
  7. With the two smaller montral's white felt circles, place them inside the open ends of the montrals and hot glue in place. Allow the hot glue to dry completely and then trim the edge to make a clean seam. Gently fold the montral's capped end about halfway folded and hot glue this in place--you may need to clamp or hold this to keep it from folding all the way or reopening. photo collage of how to make ashoka minnie ears
  8. Hot glue the faux jewel to the center of the crown/headdress, then wrap 3-4 loops of twine around each side of the headdress arms.
  9. Make the main bow by pinching the center of the large rectangle tightly and then wrapping the thin strip of orange craft foam around this pinched center. Hot glue this in place, holding the bow in this pinched position.
  10. Affix the crown/headdress to the front of the headband. Behind the headband, hot glue the main bow in place. Behind the bow, hot glue the ears in place on either side of the bow. On the bottom side of each ear, hot glue one of the smaller montrals, additionally hot gluing the side of the headband to the montral. Take care to put the seam-side of the montral against the headband. photo collage of how to make ashoka tano minnie ears
  11. On the back of the bow, hot glue a magnet where you want the largest montral to be attached. Take care to make sure the magnets have their poles coordinated so that they will join.
  12. Make a small tulle bow by folding the tulle over 4-5 times at 4-5 inches in length. Wrap the center with a loose piece of tulle and hot glue it in place. On the back of the tulle bow, hot glue a magnet where you want it to attach to the main bow. Take care to make sure the magnets have their poles coordinated so that they will join. photo collage of how to make star wars mickey ears for star wars rebels


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