Dollar Tree Twine Easter Eggs Bunny and Chick

These twine Easter eggs made with dollar store supplies were spotted in the background of one of my videos and everyone went wild asking about them! Today, I’m sharing how you can grab a few plastic eggs and turn them into a wow-worthy farmhouse Easter DIY.

You will need a couple of plastic Easter eggs, twine, wired twine (for the ears and legs), and a hot glue gun. This is a fun Easter decor craft to do while listening to your favorite book or when watching easy-to-follow shows.

Horizontal image showing a wood table with tulip, greenery, and two twine Easter eggs made with Dollar Tree supplies in front of a white rain boot vase with spring flowers.
Make these adorable farmhouse Easter eggs for shelf sitters, dough bowl fillers, or tiered tray add ons.

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Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs: Bunny and Chick

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I like to add holiday decor tucked into my existing pieces. This year, I created a pastel scene for one of my end tables and decided it needed something without much color to go along with it.

Looking around my craft room, Dollar Tree plastic eggs were plentiful, as was Dollar Tree twine in various forms. I figured why not try and come up with something to use up what I had on hand, and this fun Easter DIY popped into my head. It’s a bit time-consuming, to wrap with the thin twine, but they look amazing.

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Vertical image with twine wrapped plastic eggs on a wood table in front of a light gray wall with tulips and spring greenery.
These farmhouse Easter eggs are made with just a bit of twine and hot glue.

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Tips for Making These Farmhouse Easter Eggs Wrapped in Twine

  • Paint and Prep – Paint the brightly-colored plastic eggs after you get the ears and legs put on but before you start wrapping them in twine. The color will show through, so I chose Waverly’s Elephant chalk paint and applied it with a foam brush.
  • Wired Twine – I found wired twine at the Dollar Tree but wired twine is also available here online. It’s strong enough to hold a large plastic egg weighted with a couple of rocks for stability.
  • Plastic Eggs – Do not try to use the wood craft eggs because they are much too heavy for the wired twine. If you want to drill into them, however, they will work.
  • Glue Gun – I recommend using this detail tip glue gun for these twine wrapped eggs. I love mine and everyone always asks about it in my YouTube videos.
  • Finger Guards or Mask Applicator – In the video and images below, you will see that I try to keep my fingers away from the egg as much as I can. The little silicone face mask applicators are now a staple in my craft room.
  • Twine Bunny Egg – The bunny shaped Easter egg is too cute and easy to make. I added a cork bottom to mine for increased stability because it was going on an end table. If you’re adding these to a dough bowl display, you can leave that off.
  • Twine Chick Egg – To make the twine-wrapped chick egg stand, you must not forget to add a couple of small rocks to weight the bottom center. Secure them with glue so they cannot move around.
  • Heat Gun – To remove any hot glue strings and melt to blend hot glue blobs, use a heat gun on the finished projects.
Square image showing a bunny twine wrapped egg next to a standing chick twine Easter egg in front of a rain boot filled with spring flowers.
These twine wrapped eggs are going to be the perfect addition to Easter decor.

How to Make Farmhouse Twine Wrapped Bunny and Chick Easter Eggs

Below is the written and printable tutorial for these farmhouse DIY Easter eggs using dollar store supplies. If you are a visual learner like I am, you can watch the bunny and chick twine Easter egg video here on YouTube. It’s good to watch how I secure my pieces in place.

Yield: 2 Twine Wrapped Eggs

Bunny and Chick Twine Easter Eggs

Square image showing a bunny twine wrapped egg next to a standing chick twine Easter egg in front of a rain boot filled with spring flowers.

These adorable twine Easter eggs feature cute bunny ears and adorable chick feet. Use wired twine and jute cord to get the farmhouse look, perfect for tiered trays, dough bowls, and more.

Active Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Wired Twine
  • Twine
  • Gray Chalk Paint
  • Small Rocks
  • Optional, Cork


  • Detail Tip Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush
  • Optional, Heat Gun
  • Optional, Wire Cutters


Bunny Twine Easter Egg

  1. Shape two bunny ears to fit the plastic eggs, leaving about an inch and a half of wire on each end to affix to the egg.Step one of creating a twine bunny egg with crafter hands showing two wired twine bunny ears.
  2. Remove the twine on the inch and a half of wire and glue the ears to the top of the egg with the wire inside the small plastic egg holes. Secure the inside wire to the side of the egg.Crafter close up showing to glue the bunny ears to the plastic Easter egg to make a bunny.

Chick Twine Egg

  1. Shape two legs for the chick, each with three toes glued together.Close up of step three of creating a chick Easter egg and cutting off the extra twine. 
  2. Cut off three inches of wire above the toes to form the legs and remove the twine on the top inch or so. Glue the legs into the bottom of the plastic eggs with the wires inside. Wrap the wires together.Step of making a chick Easter egg with twine and twisting wires together in place.
  3. Add glue and small rocks to the inside of the bottom of the egg.Close up step showing to add glue and rocks to the inside of the standing chick twine Easter egg DIY.

For Both Wrapped Eggs

  1. Glue the egg shut.Close up image showing a crafter sealing the plastic eggs together with a bead of hot glue.
  2. Paint the egg with the foam brush and gray paint to minimize any color showing through.Horizontal image of a plastic Easter egg from the Dollar Tree getting painted with gray chalk paint and a foam brush. 
  3. Wrap the entire egg with twine until it is covered, securing each row with a small amount of hot glue.Close up image showing a glue gun and twine being wrapped around a Dollar Tree plastic Easter egg to make a chick. 
  4. Optional: cut off a slice of cork, wrap in twine, and secure to the bottom of the bunny egg for stability.Horizontal image showing a heat gun being used to melt extra glue off the standing twine Easter egg chick. 


Please read all tips in the article before starting. Here are few things to keep in mind:

  1. Paint the eggs before wrapping to dull the colors.
  2. Add weight to the chick.
  3. Use a heat gun once complete to remove strings and blobs of glue.

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Stacked vertical image showing bunny and chick twine Easter eggs made with Dollar Tree items and a crafter gluing on rope with text which reads dollar tree twine eggs.
Use the Dollar Tree’s eggs, jute, and wired twine to make these adorable farmhouse style Easter eggs.

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