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square image of a close up of a large gnome with arms and a slouchy hat in red and gray on a white Christmas background

Large Christmas Gnome with Arms

Make this fun, big belly Christmas gnome with arms using the Chonky gnome pattern and full tutorial. You can pose the arms and change up the hats to get exactly the look you want for a cozy Christmas gnome. RELATED READING: LARGE CHEF GNOME WITH POSABLE ARMS Make an Heirloom Christmas Gnome Here at Ruffles …

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square image of a large chef gnome with a striped apron and heart pocket with chef hat and white mustache

Chonky Chef Gnome Pattern

After a year, the large chef gnome pattern is ready and it is FULL of extras and bonuses! You can make the most adorable chef, garden, or Santa gnomes. Large Chef Gnome Pattern Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have been sharing DIY gnomes for years. Christmas gnomes, farmhouse gnomes, gnome sewing patterns, no-sew …

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