Disney Sleep Mask Fish Extender Gift Idea – Stitch Sleep Mask

Heading to a cruise, I decided to make this easy Disney sleep mask fish extender gift idea and I have fallen in love with this Stitch sleep mask. Easy, fast and super fun–it’s perfect for any Disney lover!

how to make a disney sleep mask for lilo and stitch
This easy Stitch sleep mask craft is the perfect Disney fish extender gift idea!

Disney Sleep Mask Fish Extender Gift Idea – Stitch Sleep Mask

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are aware that we’re not going on a cruise tomorrow. But, one day, we will. So, to prepare, I decided to make a handful of Disney Cruise fish extender gifts–starting with this awesomely cute Stitch sleep mask.


Simple and cute, it’s amazingly handy, particularly for a cruise on the Alaska line (it’s daylight like 23 hours a day there!) but also nice to have at home. So, if you’re ready to make this fun Stitch eye mask, let’s get started.

fish extender gift idea stitch sleep mask
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overhead view of a stitch sleep mask with text which reads with text which reads stitch sleep mask free svg

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Tips to Make a Stitch Eye Mask

  • Definitely start by getting some awesome sleep masks like these. If you’re making one Stitch eye mask, you can just get one, but you’re going to want more colors–trust me, when you see what’s coming…you’re going to want multiple colors.
  • Click here to download the free Stitch sleep mask cut file set. It’s got the eyes, nose, all the little glinty-shines on the eyes and nose. This cut file set is what’s going to make your sleep mask so cute you’ll squeal.
  • I loved the fact that I could use my vinyl scraps for this–these pieces are relatively small and I could just cut out little bits from multiple scraps and viola!
  • Be sure to use the attach function in Cricut Design Space to get your eye shadows (the light blue behind the eyes) coordinated, the black pieces (eyes, nose and eyebrows) coordinated and the glints for the eyes and nose coordinated. This will make your placement of each piece go much more smoothly–and yes, that wastes a lot more vinyl, but if you’re cutting from scraps anyway…
  • It’s a good idea to take a minute ironing your eye mask. The fabric they use for those eye masks sometimes gets wrinkled in transit, so this will help make sure your vinyl gets applied evenly.
  • If I’m going to recommend a heat transfer vinyl for this Stitch sleep mask, it’s going to be the Siser EasyWeed you can find here. Because these are such small pieces and you have to layer them, it’s so convenient to not have to deal with the whole separate transfer sheet thing.
how to make a disney sleep mask for stitch movie

Can You Make This Craft Without a Cricut or Silhouette?

YES! Every time I put out a new craft, I get this question and I only just realized that I should make this clear on ALL of my cut file-related crafts that you can absolutely make this craft without ever seeing a Cricut or Silhouette.

Here’s what you do: download the cut file set then print the PNG file. With that in hand, just trace the shape you’re using onto the vinyl, then use scissors or an exacto knife to cut them out.

With the shape in hand, just iron it onto your sleep mask.

That simple and that quick!

easy stitch mask craft with text which reads stitch sleep mask fish extender gift

How Do I Make this Stitch Sleep Mask?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Adorable Stitch Sleep Mask

Stitch Sleep Mask

how to make a disney sleep mask for stitch movie

This easy Stitch sleep mask is the most fun Disney Cruise fish extender gift idea ever! Plus it's ridiculously easy and almost kind of fun to make. So, run to your craft room and let's make a Stitch eye mask!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10



  • Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini
  • Light Grip Mat


  1. Download the cut file set and upload it to Cricut Design Space. Cut the pieces for the eyes, nose, and eyebrows from black HTV, the eye and nose glints from white HTV, and the eye shadows from the light blue HTV.
  2. Weed the designs and, using the EasyPress Mini, iron them on in place on the sleep mask in this order: Eye shadows first; followed by eyebrow, eye, and nose; then eye and nose glints.
  3. Allow your designs to rest for 24 hours before washing, if desired. how to make a stitch sleep mask for a disney cruise fish extender gift


For more fun Disney Cruise fish extender gift ideas, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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