Free Sarcastic Printable Valentines – Cards for Adults

These hilarious sarcastic printable Valentines are great to give the adults in your life. They’re almost done-for-you Valentine’s Day cards, so let’s get started!

Photo collage of sarcastic printable Valentines Day cards for adults

Sarcastic Printable Valentines Cards for Adults

Some people will say sarcasm has no place on Valentine’s Day cards. They’re wrong, of course. I can find an appropriate sarcastic remark for most situations.

These sarcastic printable Valentine’s Day cards might be just the thing you’re looking for when you wait until the last minute to get your significant other anything for the holiday. It’s okay, your secret is safe. Let’s get started so you can avoid any hot water. 

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Funny Valentines Day Cards for Husbands

Supplies You’ll Need

This is next to “as done as you can get,” friends. You’ll need to grab a few things but check below for tips on how to make this design your own before you get started. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  

Collage of Sarcastic Printable Valentines Day Cards

How to Make a Sarcastic Valentine’s Day Card

I created the template in a 4 x 6-inch template. If you’d like a bigger card, use the settings in your printer to increase the size. 

  1. Print the free Valentine’s Day card you like (all free sarcastic Valentine cards are in a single download file above). Choose the one(s) you want and print those pages using your printer’s settings. 
  2. Cut along the outside of the card template for a 4 x 6-inch Valentine’s Day card. 
  3. Fold in half. 
  4. Give away. 

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I really really like you printable valentine for husbands

Make These Designs Your Own

To make your card stand out a bit, here are a few ideas for you: 

  1. Print your sarcastic Valentine’s Day cards on lightly patterned cardstock instead of white or cream.
  2. Make your own vertical envelope. Here are a template and instructions for a vertical envelope.
  3. Skip the envelope and use baker’s twine to wrap around the card for a little decoration. 
  4. Cut watercolor paper down to printable paper size and then print. It’s an easy way to get a textured card – you don’t even have to paint it!
Funny and Sarcastic Printable Valentines Day Cards for Husbands and Wives

More Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Do you need more printable Valentine’s Day cards? We’ve got you covered! 

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