Rapunzel Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This Tangled Rapunzel paper roll craft is too precious for words! Perfect for the Princesses of your life. It even comes with a printable Rapunzel craft template.

Rapunzel paper roll craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we adore Disney toilet paper roll crafts for kids. They help with cutting practice, engage the kiddo’s imagination and gives them an activity that isn’t more screen-time. Kind of the most amazing craft idea in the moment.


Plus, it lets the kiddo bring their favorite princesses to life, which is more fun than you can imagine–seriously. If you’re ready to get this fun princess craft going, let’s get started.

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Tips to Make this Printable Rapunzel craft

  • Rapunzel is known for her long hair and I could only do so much on the template. So, work with me and, if your little one wants to, add some yarn to the braid and make her hair WILD! :)
  • If you want to really set this off, make a tiny little green chameleon (just a super small green blob will work, it’s so tiny) to ride on your Rapunzel paper roll craft’s shoulder.
  • Make some little books, a broom…some props so that she can clean her tower and do all the things…Even a little paint pallet and a wall!
Square image of the printable Rapunzel craft with a blue and light green background.

How Do I Make this Rapunzel paper roll craft ?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial and be sure to download the Rapunzel paper roll template here.

Yield: 1 Princess Paper Roll

Rapunzel Paper Roll Craft

Square Image of Princess Rapunzel Paper Craft on a blue and light green background

Rapunzel Paper Roll Craft is too precious for words! Perfect for the Princesses of your life. It even comes with a printable Rapunzel craft template.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  1. Select at least 2 shades of pink, yellow and off-white colored craft papers for the Rapunzel tube doll craft. Print and cut out the patterns from the provided template. Trace the patterns on the appropriate colored craft papers and cut them out nicely. You can add to the length of the outfits if you want to roll the whole tube with the paper. Process Image of all the pieces cut for Princess Rapunzel Craft.
  2. Grab the hair cut-out and cut slit along the dashed line. Process Image of making rapunzel's blonde hair on a white background
  3. Insert the top end of the head cut-out through the slit and push it all the way to the ears. Apply glue to secure the hair cut-out with the head cut-out. Also, attach the paper flower on the hair pattern. Process Image of making rapunzel's Blond hair on a white background.
  4. Wrap the outfit patterns (the square patterns) around the tube from a side. Process Image of making rapunzel's pink dress on a white background.
  5. Attach the head on the top side of the roll. Use a marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the Rapunzel tube doll. Horizontal image of princess rapunzel craft on a white background


Add a wooden craft stick (popsicle stick) or dowel to use as easy puppets.

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