Make this Easy Modern Snowman Wreath in Just 10 Minutes!

This easy and fun modern snowman wreath is such a beautiful piece, it makes for the perfect modern Christmas wreath!

christmas snowman wreath from hoops
You can’t make an easier modern snowman wreath than this one – so quick and easy!

Modern Snowman Wreath

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love modern twists on traditional themes when it comes to holiday decor. For one thing, they’re fun to make, but for another, they’re just gorgeous. This easy modern snowman wreath is a quick craft that you can make in just 10 minutes.


So if you’re ready to add a little modern Christmas decor to your door or entryway, let’s get started.

modern hoop christmas wreath snowman
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modern holiday wreath snowman with text which reads make this easy & fun modern snowman christmas wreath

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Tips to Make a Minimalist Snowman Wreath

  • While I found all the decorations for my minimalist snowman wreath at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed the gold hoops here. They’re perfect for so many different crafts, but that assortment pack also happens to have the just right sizes for a snowman.
  • One of the things that always gets me puzzled as I’m working out a new craft is what to do with it. Now, there’s obvious placement for a wreath on your door, but sometimes I like to mix it up. Put the wreath on a wall in my entry or hang it in the window in my kitchen. I know! Crazy, but I like it. All I’m saying is that wreaths don’t have to just go on doors, you can absolutely get creative with it.
  • Let’s talk about floral tape. I recently discovered (or rediscovered, but whatever) my love of floral tape. It’s perfect for projects where hot glue isn’t going to stick super well or you want to hold things together without ruining them with hot glue. So, grab some floral tape, it’s amazing.
modern snowman christmas wreath

How Do I Make this Modern Snowman Wreath?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Modern Snowman Wreath

modern snowman christmas wreath

I can't wait to hang this beautiful modern snowman wreath on my wall! So cute and perfectly easy enough that anyone can make it.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5



  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Floral Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Using the floral tape, attach the two metal hoops together, then hot glue the bow to the tape.
  2. Pull apart the pine, berry and pinecone floral pick then with floral wire, attach the berries and one sprig of pine to the bottom left side of the larger hoop. Place a large pinecone on the bottom of the floral elements and use the attached wire stem to attach it to the metal hoop, hiding the floral wire used to secure the pine and berry sprigs. Add a dot of hot glue to hold the pieces in place, if desired.
  3. Take the hanger off the hat ornament and, with floral tape, attach a pine sprig to the top of the snowman, followed by hot gluing the hat to that floral tape.
  4. Pull apart the pine floral pick, reassembling the pieces into 3 sets of sprigs. Attach one of these sets with hot glue to the bottom of the snowman hat, using it to hide the floral tape under the hat. 
  5. Using floral wire, attach another set of pine sprigs behind the berry pick and one set under the pine cone, sweeping in the opposite direction of the other sprigs. 
  6. Add a jute hanger to the top of the snowman, behind the hat with hot glue and hang! photo collage tutorial of how to make a snowman wreath


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photo collage of modern christmas wreath snowman with text which reads make this easy 10-minute modern snowman christmas wreath

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