How to Make a Mirror Acrylic Sign

If you have a CO2 laser, one of my favorite acrylics is featured in this mirror acrylic nursery sign. In this laser cutting tutorial for beginners, I show you how to design, size, setup, and assemble this fun DIY.

For this mirror acrylic laser project idea, you’ll need any mirror acrylic, a solid cast acrylic, and some basic supplies like masking and 3M adhesive. I can’t wait to share some tips and tricks working with this fun material.

Horizontal image with a nursery laser cut sign with mirrored acrylic and cast acrylic which reads you are magic dear.
This beginner laser cutting project is perfect for xTool, Glowforge, Aeon, or other CO2 lasers.

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Mirror Acrylic Laser Idea for Beginners

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been playing with my CO2 laser nearly constantly. It’s right next to my craft table in my studio, so I can have it working on things all day long.

Today, I finished up this sign and it came out so well that I wanted to share how you can easily create your own using any CO2 laser. Sorry, diode friends – this acrylic cannot be cut with a diode like my xTool S1 or M1.

We’ll design in the XCS software but you can create a vector with any vector software and import into your laser’s program.

If you love this project but can’t get started right now, save or share this to find it easily when you’re ready to begin.

Vertical image of a rose gold mirror acrylic and bone cast acrylic sign for a nursery which reads you are magic, dear.

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Mirror Acrylic Sign Video Tutorial

If you’re a visual learner and want all the tips, watch the mirrored acrylic sign video tutorial on YouTube. It walks you through each step in more detail than the directions below (and it’s fun to see how this comes together).

While you’re there, be sure to subscribe. We have a lot of fun on the channel.

Horizontal video thumbnail image showing a beautiful sign with text which reads laser cut design your own mirrored acrylic sign.

Materials Needed for This Laser Project

As I mentioned, you’ll need a CO2 laser as the diode lasers don’t work with the mirror acrylic. That said, if you have a diode and want to make this project, just use two diode-friendly acrylics (patterns or solids) – the steps to create it will be the same.

I also used the P2 honeycomb and 6″ inline fan, along with some Gorilla tape (to remove masking), scissors, and masking tape. It’s a personal choice to wear a respirator or not, but I do wear one when cutting extruded acrylics.

How to Design a Layered Sign

If you want to design your own sign instead of using my file above, you can. First, have an idea of a font you’d like. I used the Milk and Honey font here.

Position the words so the design is weighted (shown in the video). If adding accent items (similar to the stars in my project), stick to the 3 or 5 rule to balance the design.

XCS tutorial for xTool P2 showing how to create a laser cut sign using mirror acrylic and cast.

Once you have your design, you’ll need to add an offset. To do this within XCS, highlight everything within the design, go to the offset menu, uncheck the inner bitmap line, and then select the weight.

The three cuts you will need to perform are:

  1. mirror acrylic (words and stars only); REVERSE or MIRROR the design horizontally and cut the paper masked, pretty side facing down
  2. cardboard guide for placement (entire design: words and outline)
  3. cast acrylic (outline only)

Prepare Cast and Mirror Acrylic

If you notice in the video, I show the preparation for the mirror and cast acrylic because I do believe it will make a difference in the final product. First, remove the plastic masking from the “pretty” or mirrored side of the acrylic for the size you need.

Replace that plastic with the paper masking because it is laser safe, produces no smoke, and leaves no residue. I like to only cut off the plastic for the size of my project so the adhesive can’t transfer over time.

Crafter applying paper masking to the front of the rose gold mirrored acrylic from Houston Acrylics.

Remove the paper masking from one side (cut side) of the cast acrylic. You’ll cut the unmasked side (with or without dish soap; I found it wasn’t necessary on this).

Finally, add 3M adhesive tape to the back of the mirrored acrylic for the size of the design (not the offset). This step is optional, but saves so much time and frustration.

Input Material Settings xTool P2

My settings for the rose gold mirror acrylic tested well at 75 power, 8 speed, and 1 pass. The cardboard settings* were 100 power, 37 speed, and 1 pass. The bone cast acrylic was 85 power, 15 speed, and 1 pass.

*I cannot stress how critical it is to RUN YOUR OWN TESTS FOR CARDBOARD as the type and thickness varies greatly. Your power should start at a 75 up to 100, speed between 30 and 60. Watch for smoke – it shouldn’t smoke and should cut through like butter at the right settings.

The xTool P2 laser cutting the back of rose gold mirrored acrylic with 3m adhesive applied.

Tips on Assembling the Acrylic Nursery Sign

Once all items are cut, layer the cardboard cutout over the cast acrylic and tape into place. Insert all of the letters and stars to ensure correct positioning.

Letter by letter, remove the 3M backing and place the piece back into the cardboard guide. Remove the cardboard guide and the paper masking from the mirrored acrylic.

Crafter assembling a laser cut sign using a cardboard guide, masking tape, and cut mirror acrylic.

Use acrylic cleaner to polish up the piece, remove the back masking from the cast acrylic, and add a hanger. It’s time to gift, pack, or display your nursery sign.

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Split vertical image of a crafter assembling a rose gold and bone sign with text which reads mirror acrylic layered sign tutorial.
Yield: 1 Sign

Laser Cut Mirror Acrylic Sign DIY

Square close up image of a you are magic dear laser cut sign with cast and mirror acrylic made for a nursery.

Learn how to make a laser cut mirrored acrylic sign using this free tutorial, video, and even a free design file. Watch how easy it is to make your own laser cut sign designs and assemble the easy way. Use these tips and tricks shared by Ruffles and Rain Boots to create mirror acrylic signs that look good, won't collect dust with adhesive or glue residue, and are quick to make. Use the cardboard cut guide to make these for craft shows, markets, as products to sell, or gift.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 3mm Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic
  • 3mm Bone Cast Acrylic
  • Cardboard
  • Paper Masking
  • 3M 467MP Adhesive
  • Command Hook


  • xTool P2 or Other CO2 Laser
  • Honeycomb, optional
  • Inline Fan, optional
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Scraper Tool
  • Acrylic Cleaner, optional
  • Masking Tape


Design Your Own Sign

  1. Create text and accents. Use font alternates to add character.
  2. Make an offset for the outside of the sign.
  3. Input all settings for mirror acrylic (words and design), cast acrylic (outline), and cardboard guide (both design and outline).

Cut and Assemble

  1. Prepare the materials and make the indicated cuts.
  2. Position the cardboard guide on to the cast outline and secure with masking tape.
  3. Insert all letters and design elements, 3M backing removed. Remove cardboard.
  4. Clean and add hanger.


Optional Hanger: Create an additional outline backer with a keyhole cutout for a nail or hook. Attach to the completed sign.

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