Ways to Letter E – Brush Lettering Practice

Here are 28 ways to letter E in brush lettering, modern calligraphy, and a few more fun lettering styles. Get the free brush lettering practice sheets and improve your skills today.

Examples of the ways to letter E brush lettering practice

28 Ways to Letter E – Free Practice Sheets

If you’re new to Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love to share free hand lettering practice sheets. I’ve had this hobby for a few years and love coming back to my training. Every day at 12:30 I practice my lettering. 

Really – every. single. day. 

If you want a quick and easy way to practice brush lettering or modern calligraphy styles, this set of “Ways to Letter E” will help you with the tricky character. 

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Are you on your lunch break? Scrolling while in line at the grocery? Just pin this to your favorite hand lettering board and come back to it. 

example of ways to letter e free brush lettering practice sheets

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Tips for Practice 

I know, I know. You probably have all the supplies you think you’ll ever need for lettering. :) But in case you need to replace some or want to try out some of my favorites, click here to get my list of the best lettering supplies.

I buy most of my supplies on Tombow or Amazon – Amazon Prime shipping makes me happy, friends, because I’m impatient… Psst: I just found out about Amazon Family – if you have babies, get that! 

If you’re lettering LARGE (think signs, banners, etc.), be sure to move your entire arm. I know it sounds silly and it does take a bit to get used to, but this is some valuable practice. It’ll help reduce shaky lines and inconsistencies in your loops. 

If you’re lettering SMALL (think place cards, cards, etc.), be sure to hold that pen at an angle. Let the pen do the work so your hand doesn’t fatigue. Most errors come from gripping a pen too tight or fighting against the angle, so keep that in mind. 

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How to Download the Way to Letter Practice Sheets

If you are already getting the Ruffles and Rain Boots newsletter, you have the password you need at the bottom of every email I send. Just go to the Lettering Library, type it in, and scroll to the “Ways to Letter” section. 

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