Get These Four Halloween Porch Sign Cut Files for Cricut or Silhouette!

I decided I needed a sign for porch for halloween, so of course I went overboard and made these four halloween porch sign cut files and each one is better than the last.

photo collage of four halloween sign cut file sets
These are the most fun Halloween porch sign cut files for those fun vertical signs by the door. Of course, they’re super easy to weed and apply, too!

Halloween Porch Sign Cut Files

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are all about getting more halloween decorations up this year than ever before–I mean, what else are we doing all day?! I mean, besides staying home and focusing on the world, right? Right. So, I decided to make a set of halloween porch sign SVGs because they’re so easy to make and SO MUCH FUN!


These vertical porch signs set the tone for your whole house and really bring that touch of fun into your home. So, grab a piece of wood and let’s get started.

Horizontal image of free svg files for clipart graphics t-shirts cards and more collage.

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photo collage of vertical sign cut files for halloween

How Do I Download this Halloween SIgn SVG Files?

I’m so glad you asked!

Just keep on scrolling to get the link for each SVG file in our shop. While you’re there, check out all of the free and exclusive cut files created by Ruffles and Rain Boots. There’s a little bit of everything from apples to zebras and anything in between–and if you don’t see it, it’ll be coming soon, bookmark the shop, so you can come back to it!

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photo collage of of cut files for vertical porch signs for halloween with text which reads 4 halloween porch sign cut files

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How to Use These Halloween Porch Sign Cut Files

  • Download whichever of the files you’re planing to use–or all of them. Whatever you’re going to do. But then, when you upload them to Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio, be sure to make sure you measure your sign, because it could absolutely be different from what I used.
  • I know not everyone is as in-love with heat transfer vinyl as I am, but I’ll be honest, it just works for me best. Heat transfer vinyl isn’t any more expensive or anything, but you do have to remember to mirror your lettering when you’re in Design Space. Otherwise, it’ll be backwards when you apply it to the sign.
  • Because this sign will be outside and subject to the weather, presumably, and you’ll be putting it on wood that might be sealed or even unsealed. But whether it is or not, I have learned to put a light coat of clear sealant, like this glossy spray.

Get the Happy Halloween Sign SVG Here

Click here to get the Happy Halloween SVG for Cricut or Silhouette! 

This is where I started my designs and I’m just a little in love with this Happy Halloween design. The spider, the web and creepy ‘happy’? It’s all just everything I had envisioned and it is amazing.

Happy Halloween Vertical Sign

Get the Witch is In Witch Sign SVG Here

Click here to get the witch porch sign SVG for Cricut or Silhouette!

Something about the little witch’s hat just made me do it. She’s wicked without even being right there–just the hint of her. I love it. And the idea of putting purple out there on the porch?! Perfection! Grab some purple HTV here just to make this a reality.

The Witch Is In Witch Vertical porch sign for halloween

Get the Trick or Treat SVG Here

Click here to get the Trick or Treat Sign SVG for Cricut or Silhouette!

The only thing more halloween than witches is jack-o-lanterns. So, make your own awesome nod-of-the-hat with a carved pumpkin and a spider web along with this fun trick or treat vertical sign cut file set!

Trick or Treat Vertical Sign

Get the Spooky Ghost SVG Here

Click here to get the Spooky SVG for Cricut or Silhouette!

And, honestly the one I’ll probably end up leaving out all halloween, this fun spooky ghost cut file set for a vertical halloween sign is just too adorable. Seriously whimsical with those little ghosts and the spiderwebs–which were supposed to be in the corner, but whatever. It’s just so fun!

Spooky Ghost Vertical Sign for halloween

More Cricut And Silhouette… 

photo collage of 4 halloween vertical porch sign svg sets for cricut or silhouette (1)

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photo collage of easy halloween porch sign cut files for cricut with text which reads get these four cut file sets for halloween porch signs

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