17 Gnome Boot and Shoe Patterns in 1 for Any Gnome, Tomte or Gonk!

You are going to love these easy 17 gnome boot and shoe patterns. Several of them are no-sew gnome boots, but they are all simple and adorable!

DIY gnome pattern for boots and shoes lined up on a table
This is the most awesome set of gnome boot and shoe patterns–and they’re all in one package! Each pattern is unique and super easy, too.

17 Gnome Boot and Shoe Patterns

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are all about the gnome, tomte, and gonk. Particularly little 20-minute DIY gnome patterns that you can whip out for any season. But not too long ago (ok, last year) I found I wanted something extra on my gnomes to make them pop–thus I started learning how to make gnome boots and shoes to add to my fun creations!


Now, not every gnome calls for little shoes or boots to tack on their bums–and some need legs to help support the whole look. But, sometimes gnome shoes are just the most perfect touch to really complete the look. So, if you’re ready to get these 17 fun gnome boot patterns (in one set), let’s get started.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing
several gnome shoes and boots on a table with a gnome
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several gnome boot pattern results on a white table with text which reads 10 unique patterns gnome boots & shoes

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Tips to Make Gnome Shoes From this Pattern Set

  • Don’t get hung-up on your minor mistakes. Remember that making your first gnome was (or will be) very different than the 100th gnome. Practice makes perfect and the same goes with making gnome boots and shoes.
  • My recommendation is, particularly with the no-sew gnome boot patterns, that you use a fabric or material that won’t fray. So, craft foam, felt, flannel or even fleece are my favorites. Although, I’m going to be really honest, felt is my top-pick for the no-sew gnome shoes. The sewn gnome shoe patterns, on the other hand, will work for just about any fabric (I even used minky on my shelf sitter gnome set here and they turned out sooooo cute).
  • Make sure that, if your planned gnome is very small or very large, you’ll want to scale up your gnome shoes or down, as appropriate. But, if you’re going to do that, make sure that you scale all of the elements together, not just one piece of the pattern at a time–you run the risk of getting off and the pieces not fitting together correctly.
  • If you are looking for a couple of gnome patterns to use your new gnome boots on, both my Tucked Gnome (no-sew gnome pattern) and my Cozy Gnome (sewn pattern, but great for beginners or experts, it’s so flexible) are sized perfectly for every one of these gnome shoe patterns. However, it is worth noting that I have found that typical sock gnomes are also perfectly sized for these boots (spoiler: I started my gnome boot making journey by just making them for sock gnomes), so you can pair those with these gnome shoes too!
several gnome boots and gnome shoes on a white table

How Do I Get These 17 Gnome Boot and Shoe Patterns?

several gnome boots and gnome shoes on a white table

Get the Gnome Shoes and Boots!

Click below to add the pattern to your cart. If you have a coupon, add it at checkout.

I’m so glad you asked. Click here to download the pattern for all of these gnome boots and shoes.

Or, if you would prefer to do most of the heavy-lifting of the cutting with your Cricut or Silhouette, you can click here to get both the pattern and the cut files from our shop!

And while you’re in the shop, be sure to check around for other fun clipart and gnome patterns. There’s a little bit of everything from A to Z there and maybe a few things you just have to have.

What patterns are included in this gnome shoe and boot pattern set?

  1. Low-Top Gnome Sneakers – A traditional sneaker with a contrast toe in a no-sew format.
  2. High-Top Sneakers – A traditional high-top sneaker with a contrast toe and that high-rise ankle we all love–also in a no-sew format.
  3. Fold-Over Boots – The most simple true boot I’ve seen, it’s basically a wrap around with a form. No-sewing required.
  4. Gnome Cowboy Boots – Traditional cowboy boots, just the way a gnome would make them for him (or her) self. Also a no-sew gnome boot pattern.
  5. Nordic Booties – Fur on the most simple gnome shoe form I could come up with and still have it look like a shoe, without any sewing.
  6. Fluff-Top Boots – A fun variation on a simple boot with a bit of fur on top. No-sew pattern you can make in just a few minutes.
  7. Furred Boots – One of my favorite gnome boot patterns by far–and one of the most simple. This no-sew gnome boot is decidedly adorable and very chic.
  8. Bunny Slippers for Gnomes – For the gnome who just hasn’t gotten out of their jammies yet, these no-sew gnome slippers are so cute, I wish they were my size.
  9. “Wooden” Clogs – A fun and kind of different way to make a gnome shoe than I’ve seen before, personally. This no-sew gnome shoe pattern is simple, but really cute!
  10. Sock Booties – The only pattern that requires sewing, you could actually use hot glue to make these and then all 17 gnome boot patterns would be no-sew, but let’s not be picky. This pattern is simple, straight-forward and one of the easiest in the bunch, even though it’s sewn.

Do You Have VIdeo Tutorials?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked! I just created a fun playlist showing a few of these shoes and boots on gnomes and with video instruction. View the gnome boots and shoes playlist here.

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  • Mushroom Cap Gnome – This no-sew gnome is so stinkin’ cute and that mushroom cap is just about everything and a, well, mushroom cap.
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