Make These Beautiful Gift Card Box Houses in Minutes!

I needed some fun ways to gift this season so I came up with these fun and simple gift card box houses to make with a Cricut or Silhouette!

overhead view of easy diy cricut gift box craft
I loved making these tiny DIY gift card box houses with my Cricut because they’re so fast, fun and so adorable!

Gift Card Box Houses

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are obsessed with making fun and easy handmade gifts this year, but more than that, I want to make my own wrappings, too! One way I’ve started on that path is by making these fun gift card holder houses. Because this year will be a little different and more long-distance than most holidays, I know there will be a lot of gift card gifts or simply small gifts dropped off on doorsteps. So, I needed a fun box and this fit the bill perfectly!


Basically, these are the perfect size for a stack of cookies or a bag of bath bombs, a gift card or even a set of hot cocoa bombs. If you’re ready to get creative with your Christmas gift boxes this year, let’s get started.

handmade gift box cricut file
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Tips to Make Gift Card holder Houses

  • Grab the easy fun cut file for these gift card box houses here. This is a simple cut file, but it’s going to score your card stock in all the right places so you can make these nice, clean folds. I just loved making my gift card boxes this way!
  • Then, grab some Scotch Quick Drying Tacky Glue here. It’s the absolute best for paper crafts because it’s equipped with a precision tip that makes sure the glue comes out where you want it and not in a gloppy inconsistent mess.
  • Now, I do want to note that even if you don’t have a cutting machine, you can still absolutely make this project. You’re going to just cut out the shape with scissors, then score your fold lines using the folding guide and then assemble the gift card box. Making crafts with a Cricut or Silhouette is only about cutting out the shapes – the magic is in your making.
cut file for christmas gift box house

How Do I Make These Gift Card Holder Houses?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Gift Box Box Cricut Craft

Gift Card Holder Houses

cut file for christmas gift box house

You're not going to believe how easy it is to make these fun gift card holder houses. Seriously simple, this Cricut craft is something you'll want to make for everyone!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • 1 sheet of card stock (12x12 works best) In white, red, green, or kraft brown
  • Ribbon


  • Cricut machine or any cutting machine
  • Blue light grip mat
  • Cricut Scoring Stylus or scoring wheel
  • Scotch quick drying tacky glue 
  • Paint/paintbrush if using plain paper to decorate (optional)


  1. Upload the cut file set to Cricut Design Space and rotate the design vertically to reduce the paper waste. Then reduce the size to about 8.2-inches in width.
  2. Highlight all of the fold lines and change their type to "score" in the menu in the upper left of the screen.
  3. Highlight the entire design and select "attach" in the lower right of the screen.
  4. Load your paper into the Cricut on the light grip mat and follow the prompts to cut your project. Remove the completely cut project from the mat.
  5. Following the folding guide (included in the cut file set download), begin by folding the box by brining side one to the opposite side, making sure the score lines are lined up so your box isn't wompy.
  6. Turn the box over and fold bottom flap 2 inward and add glue to the top, then fold flap 3 on top of that, forming the bottom of the box.
  7. Add glue on the top of flap 3 then fold flap 4 onto that, then repeat to glue flap 5 on top of flap 4.
  8. Flip the box back over and pinch flaps 6 and 7 together like a school milk carton, bringing them together in a peak.
  9. Put your gift inside the box, then add a ribbon through the precut holes in the top of the box, tie in a bow and gift! photo collage tutorial of how to make a gift box or gift card holder with cricut


For more fun Christmas Cricut crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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photo collage of easy diy house gift card box for christmas with text which reads make this easy cricut gift box for christmas

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  1. I’m trying to make this, however, all the files I download, png, SVG, pdf are all locked files and I cannot highlight the fold lines and assign them to score only. What am I doing wrong?

    1. UGH, I’m so sorry, Meg. The software was changed and all of our score lines were removed (they are aware of this issue, however, have not issued a fix).