I Love How Easy This Farm Truck Kids Paper Craft Is to Make Together!

This easy farm truck kids paper craft is the perfect boredom buster for kiddos that are on holiday break and love making paper crafts!

diy kids paper truck craft
Such an easy and fun kids paper craft, this paper farm truck is fast and fun!

Farm Truck Kids Paper Craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have a lot of down time during holiday breaks. And I hear “I’m bored” a lot. So, when that happens, I like to pull out a fun kids paper craft. Last week it was a fun farm truck kids paper craft!


Super fun for kiddos and perfect if they want to make a Christmas ornament, a small garland or just a fun paper truck. If you’re ready to make a cute paper farm truck, let’s get started.

kids diy farm truck made of paper
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Tips to Make Paper Farm Truck

  • Click here to get the paper farm truck and tree template so you can make the little kids paper craft as efficiently as possible. Plus, it’s good scissor practice for those little hands.
  • If your kiddo wants to make more of this project than just a single little truck, grab a few sheets of paper and make several trucks to use as gift tags!
  • Don’t forget that your kiddo can also decorate that tree. Yeah – just because the tree is in the bed of the truck doesn’t mean it can’t have ornaments and lights on it!
diy kids craft paper truck

How Do I Make this Farm Truck Kids Paper Craft?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Farm Truck Kids Paper Craft

Farm Truck Kids Paper Craft

diy kids craft paper truck

I love this easy boredom buster craft so much. Making this farm truck kids paper craft is the easiest and funnest way to bring a farm truck to your play!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1



  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Print the template and cut out the pieces.
  2. Trace the truck and wheel well patterns onto the red paper; the 4 small rectangles onto the brown paper; the square on gray paper; and the wheel shapes onto gray paper. For a little added depth, you can cut out two smaller circles of white paper to fit inside the grey wheel shapes. 
  3. Glue the grey window square cut-out onto the front upper portion of the truck. 
  4. Glue the the small white circle cutouts in the center of the larger grey wheel cutouts. 
  5. Situate the longer strip on a flat surface horizontally with the three shorter strips crossing it perpendicularly and evenly spaced. Glue these in place.
  6. Glue the two wheel well pieces onto the bottom edge of the truck. Then follow by gluing a wheel on top of each wheel well.
  7. Turn the truck over and glue the brown strip pieces on the bed of the truck.
  8. Turn the truck back over and cut out a tree shape from green colored paper.
  9. Place the tree into the bed of the truck and enjoy! photo collage tutorial of how to make a red farm truck kids paper craft


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photo collage of farm truck paper craft for kids with text which reads make this easy kids paper craft holiday farm truck

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