The Best DIY Unicorn School Supplies (and Beyond…)

These are the best DIY unicorn school supplies for back to school. Any unicorn lover will be all smiles bringing these lovely crafts to school.

From DIY projects to the perfect unicorn back to school products, check out these colorful, whimsical ideas.

These DIY unicorn school supplies will bring ALL the smiles to any unicorn lover. #unicorn #DIYbacktoschool #diyunicorn #unicornlover #unicornnotebook #unicornpencilcase #unicorndiy #unicornschool #rufflesandrainboots

Unicorn School Supplies

What is your best school supply memory? Do you have any or is that just me?

I vividly remember getting a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper with a unicorn on it. I wanted it soooo badly and I begged for it. That thing was bright colors, garish, and I loved it with all my heart.

Back to school is about more than the school supplies, but let’s face it: kids love to toil over them to find the perfect pencil case, binder, and pens. I’m here to do my part to bring the next generation into the unicorn fold with some pretty awesome DIY unicorn school supplies.

And some stuff you can buy because sometimes I’m super lazy.

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Fun DIY Unicorn School Supplies

DIY Unicorn Notebooks – Cutefetti – And then there was that time I wanted to go back to school.

Infinite Pen Holder – Alexa DIYs & Crafts – Um, I’m going to make this. Right now, I’m in Panama so I can’t but you can bet your bottom dollar that when I get back to the States, this is happening.

Origami Unicorn Bookmark – Red Ted Art – Whoa, my origami skills are lacking.

No-Sew Unicorn Pouch DIY – Dear Creatives – Wow, this is adorable and you could easily add a mini zipper if you wanted it to close. Also great for a gift card!

DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder – Crafts on Sea – Simple, sweet, and a recycling project. Yay!

Magical DIY Binder Supply Bag – A Magical Mess – Well that’s a surprise. I love secret ingredients.

Holo Unicorn Notebook Covers – Makoccino – Holo what? Holo awesome, that’s what!

Printable DIY Unicorn Coloring Bookmarks – Hattifant – Sometimes, a girl just needs to color.

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Grab the Greatest Unicorn School Supplies for Back to School

Multicolor Unicorn Pens – It’s okay to repeat to yourself, “Unicorns aren’t just for kids.”

Unicorn Pencil Case – This is so much better than anything my unicorn-loving heart ever wanted.

Personalized Unicorn Binder – It’s personalized! What more could a unicorn lover want?

Unicorn Backpack – My daughter wants to replace her backpack with this one. It is pretty awesome.

Unicorn Paper Clip Pen Pal Bookmark – I’m actually not sure how I made it this long without these…

‘I Believe in Unicorns’ Pencils – Me too, sister. They’re magical.

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Over to You

What is your favorite school supply memory? Let me know in the comments if you actually have one or if it’s just me who remembers these things…

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These DIY unicorn school supplies will bring ALL the smiles to any unicorn lover. #unicorn #DIYbacktoschool #diyunicorn #unicornlover #unicornnotebook #unicornpencilcase #unicorndiy #unicornschool #rufflesandrainboots

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