DIY Squirrel Puppet Tutorial – Adorable and Done in Just Minutes!

This DIY squirrel puppet is adorable, uses basic craft supplies, and is done in 15-minutes. It’s great for a school project or pretend play. Let’s get started!

DIY Squirrel Puppet
Make this adorable squirrel puppet in minutes! It’s a perfect kids craft!

DIY Squirrel Puppet

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love easy projects that use basic craft supplies. We’ve shared many puppets with you (see below for more puppet ideas), but today we’re leveling up. These DIY squirrel puppets use recycled cardboard, a touch of fur, and is done in less than 15-minutes.

We don’t just sit around making puppets, friends. Okay, sometimes we do. But this project was designed by my daughter for a project at school. She wanted to use faux fur so we had to get out the glue gun. If you don’t want to use it, we’ve also used staples to hold it onto cardboard. 

Easy Squirrel Puppets Woodland Animal Puppet

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How to make this Easy Squirrel Puppet DIY

If you have the basic craft supplies on hand, the only thing you might need to pick up is a little faux fur for this fun DIY puppet project. 

You could make these puppets a few different ways. If you just have scraps of faux fur, make a few finger puppets using the cardboard on both sides to act as a sleeve. If you’re putting on a puppet show in a puppet theater, glue a long, thin dowel to the back of the squirrels instead of the craft stick. 

This is a quick little puppet to make at home, friends. Because I was working with hot glue and a razor blade, I didn’t let the little one help too much with assembly. If you have an older child, tracing and cutting would be great tasks for them. My daughter just turned 7 and she did most of that. 

Yield: 1

Squirrel Puppet

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes



  • scissors
  • razor blade
  • hot glue gun


  1. Print out the squirrel template and trace onto the piece of cardboard. Cut out two pieces: the body and the tail. For the tail, be sure to have overlap with the body of the squirrel in order to assemble. 
  2. Trace the squirrel body onto a piece of brown cardstock paper. Cut out and attach to the cardboard with glue. 
  3. Glue the cardboard tail to the faux fur. Cut off excess with the razor blade (being sure not to cut through to the fur - we want it to look natural). 
  4. Next, glue on an eye and paint on a black nose and white tummy. Let dry.
  5. It's time to assemble! Glue the squirrel body onto the tail, covering up part of the tail

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Adorable Squirrel Puppets

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DIY Squirrel Puppets Easy Pretend Play

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