Easy Rope Ghost (DIY Macrame Ghost)

This Dollar Tree rope ghost is made in less than 20 minutes and is too cute for easy Halloween decor. It is as cost-effective Halloween craft you can even sell at craft fairs!

Although this isn’t technically macrame, it can be made using macrame cord and well, that’s almost the same thing. Kidding! But I’m serious about how cute this macrame ghost hanging is on the wall, that’s for sure.

Horizontal close up of a rope ghost wall hanging on wood wall with blue velvet pumpkin and pampas grass.
This adorable ghost made from rope can be made in only 20 minutes!

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Easy Macrame Ghost DIY for Halloween Decor

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I moved SO MANY CRAFT SUPPLIES from Washington state to Texas that I haven’t needed to go to the craft store. That hasn’t stopped me, mind you, but… well let’s just say I have a lot of crafty goodies to work with.

Today, I was unpacking (even more) macrame cord and cotton rope and came across a bundle that was begging to become something. Anything.

Looking at the massive pile of Amazon boxes I had broken down to recycle, this idea was born. And it couldn’t be easier to make!

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Macrame ghost wall hanging with text which reads easy rope ghost DIY.
Create a fun ghost wall hanging for your home or to sell at a craft fair.

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Macrame Cord Craft Idea (or Cotton Rope Craft)

If you’re wondering, this is not the 10mm Dollar Tree nautical rope, but it’s very similar. At all of my dollar stores, that rope sells out in (what feels like) minutes and I never get any.

So, I ordered this cotton rope and promptly forgot about it. Until now.

Though it might have been destined for a DIY Halloween gnome beard originally, it found its place as a faux macrame cord craft idea today. And look at that face – how cute is this!?

Square close up image of a macrame rope ghost in front of. white washed wood background.
This adorable rope ghost is a fun and easy Halloween craft fair idea.

Supplies for a DIY Rope Ghost for Halloween

This craft took about 20 minutes and, as always, I did it while listening to an Audible book. But honestly, this is so easy you can do it while watching television! You will need the following:

  • cotton rope (I think this thickness is best)
  • scrap of black fabric (I used fleece but felt would work, as well)
  • cardboard
  • something to trace to make a circle (any size)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
Horizontal image of crafter showing supplies of rope, cardboard, and fabric needed for a rope ghost DIY.
Simple supplies are all you need for this adorable ghost wall hanging or door hanger.

How to Make a Macrame Ghost DIY

First, trace a circle onto a piece of cardboard and cut it in half to get two semi-circles. Glue them together, trimming anything hanging off if you didn’t cut it perfectly.

Crafter using hot glue to piece together cardboard semi-circles for rope ghost DIY.
Trace circle, fold, and cut it in half. Glue halves together.

Measure a piece of rope on the outside edge of the semi-circles, hanging down. Protect your work surface and glue the rope along the OUTSIDE edge of the cardboard structure.

Crafter gluing a white cotton rope to the outside edge of a cardboard semi circle.
Measure, cut, and glue the first rope to the outer part of the cardboard semi-circle.

Next, line up the bottom of the rope with one dangling edge piece, loop it inside the first layer of rope, and down along to the other side. Cut the rope and glue it down. NOTE: add a generous portion of glue but keep it on the cardboard and lower portion of the rope so it doesn’t show.

Crafter gluing a strand of white cotton rope to a cardboard backing.
Measure, cut, and glue all inner rope strands for the ghost body.

Repeat adding pieces of rope until you have covered the entire cardboard semicircle. Make sure to glue down the center so no backing shows through.

Crafter gluing rope to a cardboard backing to make a macrame ghost.
Glue all strands of rope to the cardboard backing to create the ghost body.

Untwist the ropes that are dangling off the edge of the semicircle. OPTIONAL: you can brush them out with a pet brush for a very fluffy look (as shown in this beginner macrame project idea).

Crafter unraveling the cotton rope to make a hanging ghost for Halloween.
Untwist each strand of cotton rope up to the cardboard backing.

Cut two small ovals and one circle (ish) shape from the fabric and glue to the front of the rope ghost for a face.

Crafter gluing on a cute ghost face to a rope ghost door hanger.
Create a ghost face with a few ovals cut from black fabric.

Hot glue a cord to the back. You can use twine, rope, or even a smaller macrame cord as I used here. I also used duct tape because I wanted to keep it on there in Texas heat.

Crafter showing to create a hanger with duct tape and hot glue.
Make a hanger on the back of the rope ghost.

Hang your DIY macrame ghost and get into the spirit with this cute Halloween decor!

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Vertical image of a macrame ghost hung on a wood wall behind books and velvet pumpkin.
Make this adorable ghost from rope or macrame cord this Halloween.

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