DIY Laser Cut Door Sign and Free Flamingo SVG

If you want to create a laser cut door sign with Dollar Tree supplies, you’re in the right place. I have been tinkering around and have found that the low-priced materials can produce some fun crafts while I practice.

While I wouldn’t sell the thin wood door round produced by this exercise using Dollar Tree materials, it’s a great xTool M1 project (affiliate) for beginners. Anyone new to laser cutting, in fact, will benefit from a few tips and tricks while not spending a ton of money.

Horizontal image of woman holding a hello summer door sign with a flamingo made on the xTool M1 laser.
Dollar Tree supplies can be used in the xTool M1 laser – look at this cute door sign for summer!

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Free Hello Summer SVG for Laser Cutting Crafts

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have been experimenting with my laser and blade cutting machine. If you’re unfamiliar with this crafting tool, you can read more about it here in my xTool M1 for beginners – an introduction and xTool M1 beginner projects.

I’ve been a crafter for a very long time but laser cutters and engravers are new to me. It’s had me take a look at how I build all of my free SVG designs, as well. I figure with a few adjustments and proper testing, I can open the designs up to laser crafters with minimal changes.

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Vertical image of a white door sign for summer with flamingo accent held up in front of a tropical background and pool.
Make a cute door sign using this free flamingo SVG and a done for you design.

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xTool Project Idea – Door Sign Video Tutorial

If you’re a visual learner, I created a step by step tutorial for you. Included in the tutorial is the set up inside the software for this project, my assembly, and I’ll share a mistake or two so you can avoid them.

Be sure to watch the full wood door sign with the M1 laser video tutorial. Use the comments here or on YouTube to ask any questions (or give suggestions)!

Horizontal image of summer door sign advertising a video tutorial on YouTube.
I make mistakes, I have some fun – join me for the short tutorial and lessons learned.

Tips for Making a Successful Score and Laser Cut Project

Call this a ‘lessons learned’ or ‘things I wish someone would have told me’ section, but here are my key takeaways. As always, don’t leave the laser while cutting and always take safety precautions.

  • choose a non-warped Dollar Tree rounds
  • use a 1/2 thick round for the base (thicker will not warp) if creating to place outside
  • if you have a rough section on the round, use light sandpaper over that before cutting or scoring
  • be sure to cut a wing if you want to cut a wing piece AND a flamingo (so the wing is raised off the flamingo); this is provided in the XCS instant download file but you have to create it for the SVG file
Close up square image of a woman holding a hello summer door sign with a flamingo.
Create this summer door sign with the xTool M1 laser.

Supplies Needed for a Round Sign with the M1 Laser

Although you can get quality wood door signs (at least 1/2 inch thick) from most home improvement and craft stores, I decided to try it with what I had on hand. And friends, I have a mini Dollar Tree in my craft studio so I thought it would be good to learn my laser.

These 11.5 inch wood rounds are thin but plentiful around here, so that was my starting point. I’d run out of 3mm basswood and my xTool plywood sampler wasn’t in yet, so I knew this would be an inexpensive test. Here’s what I used:

  • 2 wood rounds with twine hangers (or one 1/2 inch thick wood round + plywood)
  • xTool M1 laser and engraving machine and triangle prisms
  • a faux flower and tropical leaves
  • paint, sealant, and brushes
  • wood glue and hot glue (optional nailer for thicker door sign base)

How to Make a Summer Door Sign with a Laser Cutter

Because this was my first time creating something like this with a desktop laser, I wanted two different actions: score one wood round and cut the second into pieces. I needed to learn how to do this in the xTool Creative Space Software. Skip to the file below if you know the steps to do this.

Download the free hello summer SVG or XCS file. Open the XCS software, select File > Open Project (if using XCS) or File > Import Image if using the SVG.

Load the baseplate and add the prism risers. Remove the hang tag from the round and place on the risers, evenly distributed. Note: more risers is usually best and you might need to sand the front of the round if it is rough. 

Image of a wood round on triangle prisms on the baseplate of the xTool M1 laser.
Load the triangle prisms onto the baseplate and a wood round on top.

Refresh the workspace and move the design into place. I deleted the cut for the outer circle because I was using a wood round and set everything to score by selecting all and choosing score from the Processing Type menu at the right. My settings on the xTool M1 machine were laser flat > 3mm basswood and I used auto-measure on this thin wood.

All of the power, speed, and lines settings were reference (default). NOTE: increase the power to the score for a deeper cut, frame, and process the action.

Close up image of the xTool XCS software showing to score the entire selection.
Position the design onto the round after auto-measuring the xTool M1 and set it to score.

Remove the scored wood round and load the second round. Refresh the image, position into place, auto-measure, and set everything on the workspace to cut by selecting all components and choosing cut from the Processing Type menu at the right.

Image of the XCS software for the xTool M1 indicating to cut pieces.
Select everything you previously scored and change the settings to cut after auto-measuring.

Use the defaults for cutting. The position doesn’t matter for this set of cuts, but keep everything the same size. Frame the work and cut out the pieces. 

Close up image of cutout wood pieces for a summer door sign made by the xTool M1 laser.
Make sure everything is cut through and remove the pieces from the xTool M1.

Remove all pieces and paint them. Paint the wood round, as well. You can seal each piece (as I did), but honestly I would not repeat this. I would seal the completed sign only.

Crafter painting a wooden flamingo piece for a summer door sign.
Paint all of the pieces, adding gradients or shading with the lighter colors.

Line up all of the pieces with the wood round’s scored pattern. My note above about increasing the score depth is the only thing I would do differently in this project.

Crafter lining up pieces of 3D door sign with the painted wood round score lines.
Line up each piece with the painted wood round score lines.

Glue or staple all pieces into place and seal to avoid scratches or paint transfer. I used both wood glue and hot glue in tandem without mixing the glues.

Crafter using a paintbrush to add white paint to the scored wood round door sign.
Paint anything on the round and the entire piece, front and back.
Crafter gluing a flamingo piece to a painted wood round door sign.
Glue or nail each piece to the wood round door sign.

Seal the door hanger with a spray sealant, front and back, and let dry per the instructions. Add on the hanger, any details like greenery or a bow, and the door sign is done. 

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Split vertical image of a woman holding a hello summer sign with a flamingo and text which reads DIY Door Sign.
Use the free design as a laser cutting project idea for summer.

Free XCS File – Hello Summer Flamingo Design

For this project, I took my popular flamingo SVG and added her to a new scene for a free summer door sign SVG. You do not have to use the same materials I did – the project will work with sale-ready woods (not dollar store quality or thickness). :)

In the design, I’ve included details like a set of ascending / descending rounds that allow for framing in case you’re not a fan of greenery or bows. Choose to cut or hide these components in your work.

Please note: I am sharing the XCS and the summer door sign SVG digital download with my generous commercial use license. You cannot sell these files, share these files (share this page only), put these files onto forums or into groups, or use these files in new digital designs.

Download the free flamingo SVG and XCS files here. If using commercially, keep the commercial use license included in the bundle.

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