These Easy Kids Mask Crafts are Great Boredom Busters!

These kids mask crafts are a great way to get the kids active and having fun. They are made for little hands, by little hands, and can be used for dress up, parties, play dates, and rainy day fun.

photo collage of craft masks kids can make
All of these fun kids masks crafts make me so excited for all the fun DIY time with the kiddo.

Kids loving being able to create and then change up their look. These homemade masks are easy for them to make and are great for creative and imaginative play.

Kids Mask Crafts

Here at Ruffles and Rain boots, I love pretend play and crafty fun. Anytime we find a craft that we know you’ll love, I can’t wait to share all the details. This list of masks is too good to keep to ourselves – everyone is different and adorable in their own way.

Over the years, I’ve shared a few masks here on the site. Masks help to encourage pretend play, create a scene for a dramatic performance, and even work in a pinch for Halloween. Some of our most popular paper masks are:

  • paper dragon mask printable – Use the same printable three different ways to create some really awesome dragons
  • unicorn mask printable – My daughter loves dragons and unicorns equally, so they’re equally represented here. Again, you can use the same printable multiple ways to encourage more creative play.

I’ve gathered up some super cute mask crafts for kids that will instantly have them showing off their new look! Let’s get started.

photo collage of kids craft mask diys

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Tips for Making DIY Kids Masks

  • Let the kids branch off and make them their own. All kids are creative and can find a fun way to make an epic mask.
  • These are great for Halloween ideas as well as fun birthday party crafts for the kids. Unicorns, dragons, and other themes are represented but if your little one wants to make an airplane or gnome, let their imagination run wild.
  • If you don’t have exactly what the tutorial is asking for, start with a paper plate. I have found that a paper plate can make a pretty good mask for a little one in a pinch.
photo collage of kid craft mask diy ideas

How Hard are These Masks to Make?

These masks are kid-friendly. There are some harder parts if very small hands are working on them and parental guidance is always suggested for all ages. Most 5 year old and older kids will be able to take over and do the majority of the work but we’ve had three year olds do just fine with a little help.

These Easy Kids Mask Crafts are Great Boredom Busters!

Don't miss out on these super fun mask crafts for kids. They're an easy way to be creative and have fun at home!

More Easy DIY Ideas You Might Like

  • Edible Homemade Play Dough – The kids are going to “eat” this up! No, really, they totally can!
  • Caramel Apple Slime – Slime is perfect for breaking up the day and a great way to stimulate muscle growth in little fingers.

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photo collage of diy mask crafts for kids with text which reads the best kids mask crafts

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