Autumn Felt Ornaments with Free Patterns

These fall felt ornaments patterns are fun to make and are easy enough for little hands to help. Create a fall tree, make an autumn garland, or just tuck these into lunch boxes for a smile-inducing mid-day find.

Included in this set are a gnome, acorn, mushroom, and the most adorable little hedgehog you’ve ever seen.

Horizontal four image collage of felt crafts for gnomes, hedgehogs, mushrooms, and an acorn.
You will learn to make gnomes, hedgehogs, mushrooms, and acorns using these free felt patterns.

For even more kid crafting fun, have them create these adorable Gnome Crafts, too!

Free Fall Ornament Patterns

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we encourage the little ones to craft alongside us. When the weather turns, sometimes the kids have a hard time adjusting away from the long, summer days full of sunshine and outdoor play.

To help transition through it, we created some autumn ornament patterns to be used on a tree or without the hang tag as puppets. I’m sharing the free templates for a gnome, hedgehog, mushroom / toadstool, and an acorn.

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Vertical close up image of a red and white mushroom felt ornament hanging on a tree with a gold bead garland.
This felt mushroom adds a little woodland flair to a tree or felt board.

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Tips For Making These Fall Ornaments

  • I put the mushroom, hedgehog, acorn, and gnomes into one document full of free felt ornament patterns.
  • When crafting with felt, it’s important to let the glue dry fully so that the ornament doesn’t shift or separate.
  • If you want to speed up this craft, let the children trace and cut the pieces and you hot glue them. Use a hot glue gun and glue sticks to set everything quickly – this works best when making puppets, as they can play with them sooner rather than later.
  • To turn these into puppets, add a popsicle or wood craft stick through the center of each design. Sandwich the stick in the middle and secure with hot glue.
  • Let the little ones choose the colors and patterns for their creations. It is tempting to only put out the “traditional” colors for an acorn, for example, but it’s eye-opening to experience how they see each fall item.
  • Hand sewing these adorable DIY felt ornaments is also an option. You will need a large needle and embroidery thread in coordinating colors.
  • If you would like to use these free patterns in your classroom, feel free to do so, however, do not post the templates anywhere on a list serve, drive, or website. They are copyrighted material.

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Vertical image of a felt hedgehog kids craft ornament hanging on a pine tree.
This little hedgie is too cute – I can’t wait to see the details your little ones add.

Free Ornament Patterns and Instructions

The easy directions are listed below. If you have older children, print it off and have them follow it. For younger kids, you can guide the process for them.

Yield: gnome, mushroom, acorn, and hedgehog

Autumn Felt Ornaments

Square image collage of fall felt crafts for kids showing a hedgehog, gnomes, mushroom, and acorn.

These adorable fall felt ornaments are easy for little hands to create on their own with a bit of supervision. Gather up some felt sheets and liquid glue to start this fun autumn craft for kids and adults.

Active Time (EACH) 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Felt Sheets in Various Colors (use pictures as a guide but not a limitation)
  • Liquid Glue (Tacky Glue is the best)
  • White Paint and Paintbrush
  • Ribbon or String (for Hanging)
  • Printable Templates


  • Scissors


Hedgehog Felt Ornament

  1. Print out the template and cut it into pieces. Cut the template pieces 1 and 3 on the felt that is light brown. Make two of each.
  2. Cut template piece 2 on felt that is dark brown (make two). Flip so that the noses of the felt are facing each other and draw on the face - the nose, eyes, and mouth.
  3. Glue the fur to the body on both sides on the top. This needs to be done at the same height so that they match up as you glue the two sides together. Glue ears on the fur of each side.
  4. Glue the sides together but make certain to match the fur up first. Make sure to put glue on the points and also the feet. Remember to add a piece of ribbon in between the layering to make it an ornament. Trim any edges. Step by step horizontal six image collage showing how to make a felt hedgehog ornament.

Fall Gnome Felt Ornament

  1. Print the template and cut it out. Cut template pieces #2 on the green felt, #1 and #5 on the red felt, #3 on the white felt, and #4 on the pink felt. You will need to cut two pieces for templates #1 and #2.
  2. Glue the beard onto the side of the green body and glue the feet under the body. Step by step horizontal six image collage showing how to make a felt gnome ornament.
  3. Glue the red hats on the top of the body. You want them to overlap the beards slightly and have the hat points pointing in different directions.
  4. Glue the nose in the middle of the beard and hat and the sides of the hat together. Remember to add ribbon between the layers for hanging the ornament. Trim off any excess felt edges. Step by step horizontal six image collage showing how to make a felt girl gnome.

Acorn Felt Ornament

  1. Print out the acorn template and cut it out. Trace and cut piece 1 on light brown felt, piece 2 on medium brown felt, and piece 3 on the dark felt. Make certain you cut out 2 of each.
  2. Take the darker brown pieces and glue them to the bottom of the medium brown. Have the overlap be small as this creates the shadow look on the acorn showing the difference in the top and bottom.
  3. Glue the tops of the acorn onto the bottoms of the acorns.
  4. Line up the pieces and glue them together. Remember, if you want to make it into a hanging ornament, add a piece of ribbon between the layers. Trim away any of the edges that don't match up. Step by step horizontal six image collage showing how to make a felt acorn ornament.

Mushroom Ornament

  1. Print the template and cut it out. Cut template #1 on red felt, while cutting templates #2 and #3 on white felt. Make sure to cut two of each piece.
  2. On the red mushroom caps, paint small circles using white paint. Let it dry and add a second layer.
  3. Glue the white frills on the stems and make sure to leave a little gap to be able to glue on the mushroom cap.
  4. Glue the mushroom cap on the top of the stem.
  5. Glue the sides together by matching the stems up first and remember to add a piece of ribbon to hang if you're making ornaments. Trim any excess felt. Step by step horizontal six image collage showing how to make a felt mushroom toadstool ornament.


Tacky Glue works best for this project, however, if the little ones want instant gratification, have an adult use a lo-temp hot glue gun.

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Vertical image collage showing felt ornament patterns for gnomes, mushrooms, acorns, and hedgehogs for fall crafts.
Create these adorable fall felt patterns yourself or with the little ones.

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