Acrylic Phone Stand for Dad (Laser Cut and Engraved)

Learn how to make an acrylic phone stand with this laser engraving and laser cutting tutorial for a CO2 laser. The xTool P2 make quick work of this project and I’m giving away a premium file for this DIY.

Make Dad a custom phone stand and learn how to paint fill a laser engraving. You’ll see how fun and easy it is to add this skill to your laser crafting repertoire.

Horizontal image of a black acrylic phone stand which reads world's coolest Dad filled in with paint placed on wood rounds next to leather bound books in front of a white wood background.

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Engraved Acrylic Phone Stand Laser Project 

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m working on building up my experience using the xTool P2 CO2 laser and the new, free software xTool Creative Space (XCS). They’ve made a ton of upgrades to the software and it’s making a big impact on many with a laser cutting business or hobby. 

Today, I’m sharing this Father’s Day laser gift idea you can make with any theme, any color, and most laser cut or laser engraved material. Read through the tips below before you get started and be sure to download the free laser cut phone stand SVG file with a BONUS Father’s Day SVG design. 

If you want to make this but can’t get started right now, save or share this page. It will make it easy to find when you’re ready to begin. 

Vertical image of a black 5 mm acrylic phone stand laser cut and engraved with a paint filled world's coolest Dad SVG placed on jean material in front of leather books.

How to Paint Engraved Acrylic 

There are two schools of thought on painting engraved acrylic: paint with the masking on or paint after removing the masking. I have done both and either way works. 

If you want to leave the masking ON while painting, you should seal the item with the masking on it. After you let it dry completely, you can begin painting. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking, and wipe off anything if it escaped (wet wipes or a dampened paper towel can work). 

For this quick xTool P2 phone stand project, I removed the masking on the upper portion so you could see how easily it is to wipe away the paint pen. It’s a very easy way to a) get depth of color and b) fix mistakes because we all make them. 

NOTE: never use oil paints for acrylic, as it will not come off. Stick with acrylic paint and if you make a mistake, you can fix it. 

Square close up image of a black acrylic phone stand which reads world's coolest Dad with sunglasses in front of leather bound books and wood rounds.

How to Choose Material for Laser Projects 

Before we get started, I want to mention a bit about choosing the depth of acrylic or wood for laser cuts. When working with something which will be handled a lot, I like to choose a thicker weight such as 1/4th inch (anything between 5 and 6 mm). 

You can absolutely make this (and other phone stands) with 1/8th acrylic or wood, however, a word of warning: they might snap with continued use. We’ve made acrylic phone stands for my daughter and I in which this happened, so I now go with something a bit heftier. If you sell, it might be a good idea to start out by pricing the thicker weighted material to avoid any customer service issues. 

Wood, acrylic, and MDF all come in this standard size for lasers, so you will have no problem finding something to fit your theme. Note: if you paint wood or MDF, use a quality sealant.

Acrylic Phone Stand Laser Cut Video Tutorial 

If you’re a visual learner, watch the Father’s Day laser cut acrylic phone stand tutorial here on YouTube. It’s a detailed look at how quickly this project comes together and I’ll give you ideas on how to vary it up. 

Horizontal image of a video thumbnail with a black acrylic stand which reads world's coolest dad and text which reads free xcs file paint filled acrylic phone stand laser diy.

How to Design a Phone Stand in XCS 

In the video linked above, I show you how to create this free laser project tutorial using my phone stand template and an SVG. These cannot be sold or altered and sold and all rights remain with Ruffles and Rain Boots, SND Developments, LLC.

Horizontal image of the design file free from ruffles and rain boots which includes a fathers day SVG and three phone stand sizes.

You can either use the coolest Dad SVG or type out text for your own message. If you’re interested in engraving a PNG, bitmap, or other raster image, watch my video on how to vectorize an image for engraving in XCS 2.0.

The sizing for the phone backing (no matter the material chosen) should measure 6.4 inches high and 3.2 inches wide. And the size of the stand piece should measure 3.35 inches high and 2.7 inches wide.

How to Prepare Acrylic for Engraving

As mentioned above, I will paint fill engraved acrylic without masking because it’s less of a hassle and the paint cleans up so well. That said, we are going to leave the paper masking on for this project to minimize any blow back cooling onto the acrylic after it’s engraved.

Horizontal image of a file in the laser bed showing on top of a piece of 5mm black acrylic in the xTool P2 laser.

Reminder: you should remove plastic masking and can replace it with this paper masking if needed. Just apply it so that it’s smooth, fully attached, and without bubbles.

Material Settings Black Acrylic for xTool P2

I used engraving settings of 40 power, 300 speed, 1 pass, and 200 lines per centimeter to produce a deep engraving on 5mm black acrylic. The cut settings were 90 power, 3 speed, and 1 pass.

Load the material and secure with pins or clamps. Once you have the settings in for each processing type, measure the thickness, and position the file using both cameras if near the edge. Send the file to the machine and process. Use masking tape over the engraving to remove the dust, then clean out the engraving.

Paint Fill Acrylic Engravings

I used a white Posca paint pen and varied the saturation for this project to show the effects you can achieve. My daughter wanted it light to dark – kind of like ombré.

Remove the masking for the paint fill areas and use the paint pen to fill them in. To get a very light look, wipe away or pat the paint while it’s still wet. For a very heavy look, paint fill and then let dry. Repeat, if necessary. We opted to keep the sunglasses unpainted.

Horizontal image of a crafter paint filling an acrylic engraving with a paint pen.

Finish and Assemble the Phone Stand

Once all of the paint is dry, wipe away anything which overlapped the engraved areas. Polish the stand, insert the base, and gift to Dad!

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Vertical image of a custom laser cut phone stand with a paint filled engraving and text which reads xtool P2 phone stand free file and tutorial.
Yield: 1 Engraved Acrylic Phone Stand

Laser Cut Acrylic Phone Stand

Square close up image of a black acrylic phone stand which reads world's coolest Dad with sunglasses in front of leather bound books and wood rounds.

Learn how to to engrave and laser cut an acrylic phone stand. In this free laser project tutorial for CO2 lasers, you will learn how to size, add a design, engrave, cut, and even paint fill acrylic engraving. Be sure to download the free XCS file with the Father's Day SVG (free).

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Drying Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $7


  1. Download the free XCS file with the phone stand and Father's Day SVG. Choose your material then choose the material thickness for the phone stand and copy that to the "Replace Stand Size" canvas. Note: the small piece will stay the same.
  2. Place the acrylic into the machine and secure with clamps. Measure the thickness and enter settings for acrylic engraving and laser cutting 5mm black acrylic (or your choice of materials). Process the material.
  3. Use masking tape over the engraving to remove dust and then clean the engraving with water (or a light dish soap and water). Let dry.
  4. Remove masking over the engraving and paint inside the deep wells. Try blotting the paint while wet to get a very light saturation and let it dry for more. Once dry, you can repeat another coat with the paint pen.
  5. Remove the masking and clean the acrylic with a plastic cleaner. Pop the base into the stand and give to Dad!


xTool P2 Settings for 5mm Black Acrylic

(power / speed / passes / lines per centimeter)

  • Engraving: 40/300/1/200 LPC
  • Cutting: 90/3/1

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