You’ve Been Elfed Free Printable

This “You’ve Been Elfed” Christmas free printable is a fun way to deliver a sweet treat or small gift. Just print, cut, and it’s holiday-giving ready, turning you and your family into Santa Claus!

Read below for a few ideas on small gifts and treats you can put together for friends, neighbors, or even the local senior care center. This holiday season, gift giving can be easy and fun with a free Christmas printable.

Horizontal close up image of a boy elf with Christmas tree which reads you've been elfed on a white door tag hung on gold doorknob.
Create the an easy Christmas gift idea with these two free printable You’ve Been Elfed door tags.

Free You’ve Been Elfed Printable

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m in full holiday mode and have even been super-prepared and wrapped a few presents. Trust me, I’m never this organized. My daughter is getting pretty good at finding my present-hiding spots, so it’s become a necessity.

This week, she wanted to do something nice for a neighborhood girl who’s moving in a week or so and suggested we put together something for her long road trip. And being the crafty gals we are, we immediately set to work creating the gift tags and a little box.

NEW: You’ve Been Jingled Free Printable

If you think these types of Christmas printable ideas are adorable, you can also get the You’ve Been Jingled free printable door tag. Hang it on a door handle, a basket handle, or stick it into a gift box. Ring the doorbell and bam – Christmas cheer!

Just like this one, the instructions are printed on the back.

Stacked collage image showing two designs of Christmas gift tags which read You've Been Jingled.
From gift boxes to holiday treats, this you’ve been jingled door tag printable makes holiday gift giving easy.

NEW: You’ve Been Mugged Free Printable

If you think the elf and jingled printables are adorable, downloaded the You’ve Been Mugged free printable door tag, as well. Hang it on a door handle, a basket handle, or stick it into a gift bag. This fun holiday idea makes great use of those Dollar Tree mugs you’ve had on hand…

Vertical split collage of a hand placing a Christmas door hanger on a gold knob with text which reads free door tag printable for Christmas.
You get both designs in one printable, along with instructions to create a quick mug gift.

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If you want to share this free Christmas printable and inexpensive gift idea for others, please save it to a holiday pin board or share it on Facebook. I really do appreciate it and you’ll be spreading a bit of Christmas cheer!

Vertical orientation print out showing two free Christmas door tag gift printables.
How cute are these two Christmas gift tags?!

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Small Gift Ideas for Neighbors and Friends

This is one of those opportunities to get into the holiday spirit without spending a lot of money. Here are a few ideas you can DIY or pick up for just a few bucks and create your own You’ve been elfed bags or boxes with this free door hanger tag.

  • Dollar Tree finds – Head to the $1.25 tree for some cookie or cake mixes, a bowl, and a set of spatulas for a quick DIY sweet treat gift.
  • holiday treats – Tuck in candies, peppermints, delicious homemade marshmallows, or a delicious, easy holiday fudge recipe like this inside an inexpensive cookie box. These make wonderful neighbor gifts.
  • hot cocoa mix – Tuck in a card for this wow-worthy peppermint hot chocolate recipe along with powdered hot cocoa, some candies, a few mugs from the discount store.
Vertical image close up of a You've Been Elfed door tag printable with hand hanging on gold doorknob.
Create the easiest gift idea with this free You’ve Been Elfed printable for Christmas joy.

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How to Use This Free Christmas Door Sign Printable

Included in the download set (3 pages) are instructions on how to use this printable. You will download and print pages 1 and 2 using both sides of a single piece of white card stock or thick copy paper. Do not use regular printer paper, as the ink will show through. Make sure the printer is set to color ink.

Once printed, cut along the solid lines and the slashed line for the hang tab. Prepare the gift and tuck the hang tag into it or hook it on the door handle!

Download the free Christmas You’ve Been Elfed printable set here.

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