Make This Wonderful Unicorn Rock Painting Idea in Minutes

Make this wonderful, magical unicorn rock painting idea in just minutes! Like all of our Rock Painting 101 tutorials, we walk you through the steps with video and pictures – come see all of our rock painting ideas for kids and adults.

Simple Rock Painting idea for unicorn glitter rock for kids

Rock Painting Ideas: Unicorn (Sparkles or No Sparkles)

We’re making a unicorn rock painting, friends, so this isn’t going to be like any ol’ boring rock painting tutorial. Oh no.

Let’s just say it’s a magical unicorn rock painting idea (for you or the kids). I’m a big fan of the unicorn, Y’all – I’ll admit it. Here on Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have shared:

But this is about rocks.

Supplies for Our Unicorn Rock Painting Idea

You need almost nothing to add a little magic to your day with a unicorn rock.

  • An unpainted rock
  • Pencil
  • Paint Pens (here are our favorites)
  • Glitter Glue Pens (or some glue and loose glitter)

Rock Painting a Unicorn

This unicorn rock painting video tutorial walks you through each step to make your painted unicorn rock (and shares a few tips, too).

Instructions for This (Fabulous) Unicorn Rock Painting Idea

In all things art, let’s agree to throw perfection out of the window, m’kay? Rocks are bumpy and 99% of us are too lazy to spackle rocks so they’re smooth.

I am much too lazy to implement that rock painting tip.

But you know, spackle your heart out if you want to prepare the rock for painting.

Sketch Unicorn

Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial to draw the unicorn rock painting. If you hate video

  1. Draw an oval for the head, followed by a triangle-ish shape for the neck.
  2. Add on the hair, horn, and ears. It’s okay to be a little loosey-goosey because pencil erases even on rocks.
  3. Give your unicorn some luscious locks of hair coming down behind the front ear.
  4. You can sketch out the eyes, nostrils, and mouth if you’d like or do it later.

tutorial to learn how to draw a unicorn video and text lesson

Outline and Paint

Once you have the outline (it doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s a rock), outline it all in white. It will cover the dark lines of the pencil. #protip (It’s not really a pro-tip because I am not a professional rock painter.)

Fill in the face and ears with white.

Color in the unicorn’s hair – get creative, this is YOUR unicorn. And no one thought you’d ever get a unicorn… Shows what they know.

unicorn rock for kids

Once the ears are dry, go back and add a little pink. Add on the eye, nostrils, and a happy lil’ smile.

Use the black paint pen to draw an outline around your new pet unicorn because we really want those colors to pop! It’s a unicorn.

Glitter Glue Keeps the Glamour In Check

Speaking of unicorns, you can choose to add glitter glue (you know, for a fancy unicorn).

Be a rebel – add the glitter.

If you don’t have glitter glue, you could even be more rebellious and add a smidge of glue with a sprinkle of glitter. Then, yell, “FABULOUS!” and you’re done.

Add glitter to unicorn rock painting idea

Seal the Unicorn Rock Painting

Okay, so I know we’ve established I’m not a professional rock painter (does that job exist?), but I’m going to give you a tip. A real one…

Seal anything you do in paint pen with a bit of ModPodge to avoid the colors running. If the rock is going outside or you want your unicorn to last forever whilst banging around in the bottom of your purse, coat it in polyurethane.

Over to You

Isn’t this just the cutest unicorn rock ever? We love sharing our easy and simple rock painting ideas for kids (and adults).

Speaking of sharing, we’d love it if you share this to your favorite rock painting group on Facebook!

Make this wonderful unicorn rock painting idea today - it's only a couple of steps! Glitter optional, fabulousness mandatory. #rockpainting #rockpaintingideas #rufflesandrainboots

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  1. Thanks for this step by step. It was even easy enough for me. My granddaughters love painting rocks and unicorns…..

  2. Love the Unicorn but wish you wouldn’t encourage sealing with Mod Podge. Even the “outdoor” Mod Podge does not protect artwork from weather and UV rays. The company states that none of their products are waterproof.

    1. I encourage sealing the paint pen with ModPodge before using polyurethane on top of it. Poly seems to make the paint pens run but not when I layer the ModPodge and let it dry first.

      Thanks for your helpful tip!

  3. This is perfect and totally adding to our spring break activities here next week for my unicorn loving girls. So thanks!! :)