This Princess Jasmine Paper Roll is a Great Aladdin Craft

Calling all Aladdin fans! This Princess Jasmine Paper Roll is the perfect addition to any Aladdin Disney movie night at home!

kids paper roll doll princess jasmine
Fast and fun, this Princess Jasmine paper roll doll is a perfect afternoon kids craft.

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Princess Jasmine Paper Roll

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, the kiddo and I love literally all things Disney. I for one will never be too old to binge-watch every Disney movie ever made so that means that we’ll always be thinking about and making cute Disney crafts at home, too. This fun paper roll craft is an easy way to teach the kids how to use items in the home for something else fun as well!

If you’re a fan of Disney princesses or have little ones in the house that are, add this simple Aladdin craft to your craft bucket list. It’s just so much fun to make!

disney princess jasmine paper craft

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Tips For Creating This Disney Princess Paper Craft

  • Click here to get the free Jasmine template to make this easy Disney princess paper craft. Sure, you can make it without the template, but it will make it so much easier if you print this out and use it to trace all the pattern pieces onto your colored paper.
  • Make certain to let the kids take over and do the work! This simple craft will teach them to follow directions and give them such a sense of accomplishment once they’re done!
  • Give the kids the freedom to use whatever colored paper that they want to personalize their Princess with. Who knows – maybe this girl needs a whole wardrobe!
princess jasmine paper roll craft for kids

How Do I Make This Kids Paper Craft?

You’re going to love how fast and simple it is to make!

Yield: 1 Princess Jasmine Paper Roll Doll

Princess Jasmine Paper Roll Doll

princess jasmine paper roll craft for kids

This is such a fun Jasmine craft idea for the kids! This Princess Jasmine paper roll doll is a fast and easy craft for an Aladdin movie night!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2



  • Craft glue
  • Sharpie/marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Pick out the colored craft papers for the doll pattern. Trace the pattern on the craft paper and cut them out. Trace the hair on black, the head on brown, the circle shapes on yellow, and the rest on blue.
  2. Take the scissors and make a slit on the inside portion of the hair pattern.
  3. Put the head base through the slit from the bottom. Add glue and put the head part with the hair. Put on the blue strips on the braided portion of the hair.
  4. Grab the marker and draw the face of Jasmine. Put on her earrings and headband.
  5. Take an empty toilet paper roll and cover it with rectangle paper on either side. Take the long thin strip and wrap it around it and also go along the inner border, too.
  6. Take the other piece of rectangle paper and wrap it around the other portion of the roll.
  7. Put on the head of Jasmine on the top side of the tp roll. photo collage tutorial of how to make a princess jasmine paper doll


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princess jasmine paper kids paper craft with text which reads make this easy princess jasmine paper roll doll

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