Movie Gift Idea – A Movie Basket for a Movie Lover!

This movie gift idea is a winner and it comes with a fun, free printable gift tag. Come and see how we help make a movie lover’s night!

Movie Gift Idea - Make a Movie Gift Basket in Just Minutes

Movie Gift Idea with Free Printable Tag

What do you get the movie lover in your life? Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love putting together useful, pretty things and this movie gift idea is just the thing!

We’ve combined salty and sweet in this movie buff’s gift set and because it’s so inexpensive, you can even pick up a movie theater gift card or Amazon Prime for them.

Supplies for a Movie Lover's Gift Basket

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Amazon Prime – Perfect for a Movie Night In!

If you didn’t know, we love giving the gift of Amazon Prime during the holidays. You can let your friends or family know you’re giving them Prime by tucking a note into the ornament you writing it on the back of the printable tag.

Christmas movies are great and all, but Amazon Prime will have any movie lover smiling all year ’round. We love it and it’s helped us save money from rentals.

Supplies to Make a Movie Gift Idea for Anyone

You can tuck just about anything into your movie lover’s gift box, but for ours, we used:

Movie Gift Idea - Holly Jolly Movie Night

How to Assemble a Quick Movie Lover’s Gift

Yield: 1

Movie Gift Idea

Movie Gift Idea - Holly Jolly Movie Night

This movie gift idea is a winner and it comes with a fun, free printable gift tag. Come and see how we help make a movie lover’s night!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • reusable popcorn tubs
  • fun-sized bags of M&Ms
  • clear gift bag and loose popcorn kernels (or microwaveable popcorn packs)
  • popcorn-themed holiday ornament (see below for some ideas from Amazon)
  • ribbon (or string)
  • printable “Have a Holly Jolly Movie Night” gift tag
  • optional: popcorn seasonings, gift cards, more candy options


  • scissors and a hole punch


  1. If you’d like to fill the bottom of the tub with gift cards, more candy, or popcorn seasonings, add them to the tub. 
  2. Fill a clear gift bag with loose popcorn kernels (or tuck the popcorn pouches in) and place them in the popcorn tub. If everything isn’t secure, tuck in some tissue paper or movie-themed napkins.
  3. Behind the popcorn, fan a few bags of fun-sized M&Ms or other bagged candy. 
  4. Cut out the “Have a Holly Jolly Movie Night” printable gift tag and punch a hole in it. Use the ribbon to secure the ornament and tag around the popcorn.
  5. If gifting a few set of popcorn tubs for a family, stack the other tubs under the filled one and tie another piece of ribbon around the stacked boxes. You’re done with your simple, fun movie gift idea! 
How to Make a movie night gift basket

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For our easy-peasy movie gift idea, we stuffed the goodies inside the popcorn tub. If you’re gifting for a family instead of a single tub, get this popcorn tub set, fill as indicated below, and then wrap it all up in a ribbon.

How to Make a movie night gift basket

What to Put in a Movie Gift Basket

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Easy Movie Gift Idea for Movie Buffs

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