Monster Soap – A Melt and Pour Soap Idea

This easy and fun monster soap is going to bring the smiles! Grab the kids and some colorful googly eyes – that’s all you need to make this quick DIY.

Melt and pour soap ideas like these are a fun way to make hygiene a focus. And because the kids can help, they are invested!

Vertical close shot of green and purple soap with colored googly eyes on black background with text monster soap.

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Monster Magic 

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love adding a bit of monster magic. With fun monster wreaths for Halloween or an entire day of learning about acceptance with a monster learning theme, we sure do like the little beasties.

When teaching kids about hygiene, it’s imperative to make it fun and memorable. This easy melt and pour monster soap does both of those with a punch!

This makes the perfect take-away from Halloween parties, birthdays near Halloween, or even just a play date. And because it uses the melt-and-pour soap base, it’s a quick craft.

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Close up of purple melt and pour monster soap with colorful googly eyes in a clear soap dish.

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Supplies for Colorful Googly Eyes Soap

The raspberry seed oil is optional in this Halloween soap. An alternative is Vitamin E but you can leave both off altogether from this homemade soap.

  • 1/2 pound clear glycerin soap base (can make less)
  • 1-2 drops raspberry seed oil (optional)
  • 1-2 drops green apple scent (or your preference)
  • green and purple soap colorant
  • small bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
  • googly eyes :)
  • a circle soap mold (I prefer a silicone mold for ease of use)

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How to Make This Easy DIY Soap for Kids

This isn’t a hard craft at all and everyone can join in the fun making their own DIY soap just for kids.

  1. Cut the soap base into 1-inch cubes, putting 6 each into 2 containers. Melt one container’s soap base per the package instructions.
  2. Add 1-2 drops of raspberry oil, your preferred scent, and 1-2 drops of purple colorant to the bowl.
  3. Spray each cavity of the mold with a light misting of rubbing alcohol. Pour the soap base into the mold so that it just covers the bottom. Wait 2 minutes and press in the googly eyes upside down – you can use a chopstick or toothpick.
  4. Allow the soap to harden about 5 minutes and then add in more of the purple soap base. Spray the soap with a light misting of rubbing alcohol.
  5. Repeat for the green melt and pour monster soaps.

Allow the soaps to dry fully – at least 2 hours – before storing. You can wrap each one individually or store them together in an airtight container.

Horizontal photo collage of how to make melt and pour googly eye soap for kids for Halloween.

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Vertical close up of purple and green googly eyed melt and pour monster soap for kids.

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