Free Letter I Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

This set of free uppercase letter I hand lettering practice sheets will help you develop bounce, brush, and modern calligraphy styles.

photo of Letter I hand lettering practice sheet on a white background with brush and ink

Letter I Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

We’re having fun with one of the most challenging letters: the uppercase letter I. It’s a difficult one because too much flourish makes it appear as if it’s a letter J. Too little flourish and you’re left wondering, “What’s the point?” ;)

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Products Used In This Lettering Practice Set

For this letter, I used my trusty Tombows and new paper. I’m not sure I can tell the difference between what I was using before, but my letter I’s are looking much better, regardless.

  • My favorite dual tip brush pens
  • NEW! Color Fude pens
  • water brush – I always letter a second practice set with my water brush

For a list of all the hand lettering supplies I use daily, check out my Amazon shop.

Uppercase and Lowercase Hand Lettering Complete Sets

If you’re like me and you hate waiting, you can get the entire uppercase lettering AND the lowercase lettering sets now! Both sets include 8 lettering styles in brush, bounce, and modern hand lettering styles for large and small pen practice.

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letter I hand lettering practice on clipboard and bright green background with art supplies

How to Download the Letter I Hand Lettering Practice

As mentioned above, grab the password from the weekly email I send and access the Lettering Library here. If you aren’t a subscriber, get the password after signing up here.

Note: as we must remain compliant with all international laws, you must sign up and confirm your subscription (a second email). If you do not see it, please check your spam folder.

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