How to Paint a Kawaii Flamingo Rock Painting Ideas

Create these adorable Kawaii flamingo rock painting ideas using just a few colors of paint. Use any style or size of rock you have on hand to get started.

Read below to learn how to draw a flamingo in two styles, the tips and tricks to create bright, vibrant colors on dark rocks, and the cleanest lines and outlines.

Horizontal image of a woman holding a Kawaii flamingo rock painting in front of a tropical vase with succulent.
Only a few paint colors and shapes combine to create these gorgeous flamingo rock painting ideas.

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Flamingo Painted Rocks in Two Styles

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m moving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX soon and there a few things I refuse to move: potting soil, scrap wood, and random rocks. It so happens that neighbors loved the soil and wood but I didn’t have a single taker on the rocks.

I decided to create a little set of summer-themed rocks for my daughter to hide at the neighborhood park and this group was born. Two flamingos and a little gnome wearing a flamingo print hat – I just love the colors.

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Vertical image of three flamingo rock painting ideas in front of a tropical vase with succulent and light wood.
A flamingo is made using a circle, a hook, a candy cane, and a tear drop. You can make a flamingo rock painting today!

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Tips for Making Rock Paintings with Bright Colors

  • If you’re looking for rocks, check out my tips on where to get rocks for rock painting. It gives you more than enough ideas to legally source rocks.
  • Always, always, always paint a base layer of white. You can use chalk paint, acrylic, or gesso, but lay it down to help your colors pop.
  • Lightly pencil in the design if you’re working with lighter hues or less saturated colors. Erasing sometimes creates a bigger mess than if you just would have left the errant pencil marks…
  • The basic shapes for a flamingo in Kawaii style are:
    • a circle for the head,
    • a hook for the beak,
    • a sideways tear drop for the body,
    • a candy cane,
    • lines for legs (in a backward 4 shape), and
    • simple triangles for the feet.
  • Below, I share how to create the Kawaii flamingo painting but all three rocks are shared in the full tutorial on YouTube.
Square close up image of three flamingo rock painting ideas in Kawaii style.
Use simple colors and techniques to draw and paint flamingo painted rocks.

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How to Draw a Kawaii Flamingo and Paint it in Summer Colors

Below is the written and printable tutorial for the Kawaii flamingo painted rock. For a tutorial on all three, watch the full length How to Paint Flamingo Rocks for Summer on YouTube.

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Yield: 1 Flamingo Painted Rock

Kawaii Flamingo Rock Painting

Square close up image of three flamingo rock painting ideas in Kawaii style.

This adorable Kawaii flamingo rock painting is part of a sweet little summertime set of painted rocks I made for my daughter to hide. Watch the full rock painting tutorial to learn to make all three rocks shown.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Rock
  • White Paint
  • Pink Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Liquitex Varnish


  • Paint Palette
  • Paintbrushes (Various Sizes)
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer (optional)


  1. Wipe off the rock and let dry. Create a frame in white paint to match the rock. Crafter using white paint to create a frame for the flamingo rock painting.
  2. Use a light touch and the pencil to create a circle for the head near the top of the rock and a sideways tear drop for the body in the middle. Connect with a candy cane shape. Create a large hook for the beak, two lines for legs, and small triangles for feet. Crafter creating a flamingo drawing with a pencil.
  3. Use pink paint and a brush to fill in the entire flamingo drawing. Crafter using pink paint to fill in the flamingo.
  4. Use the blue paint to fill in the white area as a background. Crafter using blue paint to create a background.
  5. Use a thin paintbrush (or the Sharpie) to go over the penciled in two vertical lines for legs and small triangles for flamingo feet. Add a sleeping eye curve, and the wing outline. Mix the pink and white paint to create a pale pink and fill in part of the beak next to the body. Use black paint to finish out the flamingo beak. Crafter painting all black details and flamingo beak.
  6. Create a border for the entire piece by painting the edge outside the blue background and the entire back of the rock black. Seal with varnish to protect indoors or sealant for outdoors. Crafter painting a border on edge and back of rock.


I use a heat gun in between paint colors to ensure my paints do not blend.

Always put the varnish into a separate container from the original to prevent color transfer.

If hiding these rocks outside or if they will be distributed as kindness rocks, use an outdoor spray sealant to protect the rocks.

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Stacked vertical image showing a pink and blue flamingo set of rocks with text which reads easy Kawaii flamingo rock painting ideas.
Create one or all three of these Kawaii flamingo rock painting ideas.

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