Free Flamingo SVG Files for Crafting Fun

The awkwardly majestic animal is featured throughout all of these free flamingo SVG files. From mandalas to drinking collections, you will find something to add to your digital cut file craft stash.

All of the files below can be used in any cutting machine and come with a full commercial use license, so you can use these to product physical products for your small business. I would love to hear what you think should be added to this flamingo cut file collection of free SVGs.

Horizontal image showing fifteen flamingo SVG free and premium design files with text which reads new flamingo SVG with commercial use.
I had so much fun designing these flamingo SVG free and premium designs and cannot wait to see what you make!


Flamingo SVG Free Cut Files for Crafts and Gifts

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m always doodling away on my iPad, scrap paper, napkins – you name it, and I’m dreaming up ideas for crafts and decor. Today I was sitting at the inside pool (wishing it were much warmer than it is currently in Seattle), and began doodling flamingos.

Horizontal image of free svg files for clipart graphics t-shirts cards and more collage.

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I had to work on a set of wine glasses for a very funny friend of mine, so I thought I’d create quite a few new flamingo SVG cut files for myself (and you). A girl can never have too many SVG files, am-I-right?

What is the License and What Can I Make?

These free SVG files and premium collections all come with a commercial license which will be downloaded along with your file set. It’s really generous! All ownership and rights belong and stay with Sarah Nenni-Daher, Ruffles and Rain Boots®, and SND Developments, LLC.

Please note: you may make physical items for personal use AND to sell but CANNOT post the files to digital spaces (Design Space), forums, Facebook SVG dump groups, shared drives, or resell them in any manner on a shared marketplace, your personal website, or any digital entity. This is a violation of copyright and licensing and both are monitored by infringement agents on our behalf.

No file may be altered and sold as a ‘new’ digital file – derivative works are prohibited. You may not upload these designs to POD sites (Amazon Merch, Redbubble, etc.) and if you do so, infringement agents will report and issue takedowns for copyright violations.

Please Save or Share This

As I create more free flamingo cut files, I will update this page. In order to find it easily later, save this to a free SVG pin board or share it on Facebook to a Cricut and Silhouette crafts group.

Vertical image showing fifteen flamingo SVG free and premium files on ruffles and rain boots with text which reads new flamingo SVG for Cricut and Silhouette with commercial license.
Download one or all of these fun, playful, and party flamingo SVG designs!

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Free Drinking Flamingo SVG Collection

Don’t hate me but flamingos remind me of that one friend we all have who gets a little too tipsy on nights out. So when I wanted to create a set of wine glasses for a friend, I immediately thought of flamingos and make this collection of free drinking flamingo SVG files.

Vertical collage of four free flamingo drinking designs in pink and black with text which reads free drinking flamingo SVB bundle with commercial license.
These flamingos drinking SVG files are seriously going to make the best tumbler gift ever.

Free Flamingo Mandala SVG Set

Because some people enjoy it, I am trying to put together some of my more popular designs into (what I consider) maddening amounts of tedious weeding. Just kidding, this one is actually an easy weed free flamingo mandala SVG.

Vertical image of a beautiful woman in a beige cardigan and white muscle tank with a sage green flamingo mandala svg cut from heat transfer vinyl.
This gorgeous flamingo mandala is perfect for a beginner to Zentangle or weeding.

Free Flamingo Friends SVG Collection

You guessed it, even this set is available for nothing! The free flamingo friends SVG bundle here features four unique designs in a bold, easy to weed (and stick) font to make quick work of any number of projects.

Vertical collage image of four free flamingo friends SVG bundle in pink and black with text which reads free friends series flamingo SVG with commercial license.
This entire set is appropriate for all ages and features hand drawn flamingos.

Free Flamingo Cut File No Flocks Given with Sunglasses

When designing, I often crack up at my own creations. I hope this no flocks given free flamingo SVG makes you laugh in its subdued way. Originally, I used it as a pocket peeker on a tank top for a Florida vacation (because if you don’t know, it’s SO hot and muggy and I don’t care what my hair does when it’s like that). ;)

Vertical stacked image showing sunglasses with no flocks given and flamingo svg free with text which reads flamingo cut files graphics and clipart
This subtle sunglasses and no flocks given flamingo cut file is perfect as a pocket peeker or fun summer shirt design.

Free Flamingo Monogram SVG

This easy style is perfect for quick projects (even faster if you combine the pale pink and black with the body) in this free flamingo monogram SVG set. I also have this set of very popular flamingo monogram cut files ($2), as well.

Psst: if you need a great set of monogram fonts and cut files, I have this monogram font set. It includes ALL of them which are shown!

Vertical image of a pink flamingo monogram SVG on a canvas tote bag on the shoulder of a young girl in a black t shirt standing in front of a red and teal party back drop.
Use this adorable flamingo monogram cut file to make a fun tote bag, make up bag, or even a fun back pack tag.

Flamingo Silhouette and Outline SVG Set

If you want to put together a coloring t-shirt or a fun sublimation print where you need a shape, this free flamingo silhouette SVG and outline cut file set are just what you need.

Stacked vertical image of a flamingo coloring page made with the free flamingo outline included in the free flamingo silhouette and outline set.
This is a great set to keep in your craft stash!

Christmas Zentangle Free Mandala Flamingo SVG

We have a lot of crafters in the southern hemisphere who requested some tropical or warm-weather holiday cut files. This free snowflake mandala flamingo SVG is a bit more advanced than the one above and a lot of fun (if you like to weed teeny, tiny pieces).

Vertical image of a blue snowflake free flamingo SVG with Christmas mandala in blue vinyl on white tank top for a tropical Christmas Cricut idea.
This is perfect for a warm or tropical Christmas tank, t-shirt or ornament.

Premium Flamingo Cut File Collections

I saved the best for last!These are the most popular and hilarious sets for your flamingo crafts…

The Insanely POPULAR Drink Drank Drunk Flamingo SVG Set

Honestly, I couldn’t stop making drinking flamingo cut files because, well, they’re majestically awkward creatures and so are drunk women on a girl’s night out. This Drink Drank Drunk flamingo SVG Bundle is literally too funny to keep to myself.

Four image collage of drink drank drunk flamingo SVG designs with text which reads wine glass set of flamingo SVG with commercial license.
I cannot stop laughing at these drunk flamingo SVG designs.

If you are still interested in flamingos (is that even possible?), I have more. Check out these popular flamingo SVG files I shared here.

Vertical photo collage of four adorable flamingo cut files placed in vinyl on tumblers, tanks, and t-shirts with text which reads flamingo SVG sets.
There are so many designs, you will have a blast putting these flamingo cut files on totes, tumblers, tanks, and more.

Kawaii Flamingo SVG Bundle

Whether you’re designing for babies, kids, or just love the cute style, this mini bundle of Kawaii Flamingo SVG designs is perfect for your collection.

Stacked vertical image showing designs on top and white toddler t shirt made with pink and black vinyl on bottom with text which reads Kawaii flamingo SVG bundle.

Save or Share This and Check Back Often!

I am going to keep creating free flamingo cut files because everyone (including my daughter) love them. Before you go, will you please save this to a free SVG pin board or share this with a crafty group on Facebook? Your shares are how this site grows and I am sincerely grateful.

Vertical image showing fifteen flamingo SVG free and premium files on ruffles and rain boots with text which reads new flamingo SVG for Cricut and Silhouette with commercial license.
Download one or all of these fun, playful, and party flamingo SVG designs!

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