Wow, These Disney Vacation Countdown Ideas are So Fun!

As we’re getting ready for our Disney vacation, I came across some fun Disney vacation countdown ideas. Some are just too cute not to share and there are a couple that are already my cart!

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Check out these awesome Disney Countdown calendar ideas for your Disney vacation!

Disney Vacation Countdown Ideas

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are so excited to be taking a trip to Disney next year. But it seems SO LONG AWAY. Well, I mean, it kind of is, but the time is going to pass quickly, I’m sure. To help the kids get a better feel for how long it’s going to be–and how short it’s going to get, I’m thinking about getting one of these Disney vacation countdown ideas.


I mean, I made a little gnome and I have a printable, but having another reminder isn’t terrible–the kids can each have their own. Or maybe one for the office. I don’t know. If you’re ready to start counting down with one of these cute Disney countdown calendars, well, let’s get started.

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  • If you have kids, whatever Disney countdown idea you end up going with needs to be part of the way you surprise them with your trip. If you’re trying to think of some great ways to spring the trip on them, check out these ideas I found.
  • Make it the kids’ job to change the calendar. That will help build their excitement (and it’s a little teaching tool too).
  • Take your calendar with you (I know, scandalous) and use it to count down the days that you’re enjoying your vacation, too!

photo collage of disney vacation countdown calendars


I’m so glad you asked. Below are all the best Disney countdown calendars ever!

Disney Vacation Countdown Ideas

As we're getting ready for our Disney vacation, I came across some awesomely fun Disney vacation countdown ideas. Some are just too cute not to share--and there are a couple that might be in my cart ready to check-out.

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photo collage with text which reads disney countdown calendars

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