The Most Creative Bath Bombs You Can Actually Make Yourself!

These are the most creative bath bombs you can actually make yourself! DIY bath bomb recipes are plentiful, but they don’t always work. I’ve gathered tried-and-true recipes so that anyone can make no-fail bath bombs or shower fizzies for themselves or as gifts.

Make any of these creative bath bombs for a great DIY gift idea

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Creative Bath Bombs

What makes any bath or shower better? The scented, fizzy action of a bath bomb or shower fizzy!

These little balls of delight make the room (and your skin) smell fantastic, and are a great gift or indulgence for yourself. They are so easy to buy, and you can get a lot of bang for your buck if you buy the ingredients in bulk.

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love sharing our DIY bath and beauty product recipes with you.

Simple Ingredients, Amazing Results

Speaking of ingredients… If you’re new to this, pick up this from Amazon – it’s the best there is (and we know because we make these at least once a month)! Everything else you will likely have on hand (if you don’t have essential oils, pick up this set).

You’ll also need a mold of some type. Stay away from the really soft silicone molds when you’re new – these work the best. Even my 6-year-old daughter uses them!

For coloring, you can use food-grade food coloring, but I do recommend getting this powder or these colorants. You’re less likely to dye yours (or someone else’s) tub!

Order all of that from Amazon – shipping is lightning fast and you can read the reviews and know you’re getting great products. We use everything I just recommended. :)

Problem Solving Creative Bath Bombs

Cold and Sinus Relief Bath Bombs

Focus-Fueling, No-Fail Peppermint Bath Bombs

Allergy Relief Lemon Lavender Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies

Light and Lovely Bath Bombs

Error-Free Lovely Lavender Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies

Lemon Bath Bombs

Citrus Bath Bombs

Easy DIY Creative Bath Bombs

Oh-So-Creative Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bombs

DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb

DIY Donut Bath Bombs

Fun and Creative Bath Bombs for Teens

Over to You

Which are your favorite of these very creative bath bombs? Those peppermint bath bombs and donut bath bombs are calling my name!

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