Bath and Beauty

I make my own bath products and am absolutely floored with how well a DIY bath and beauty product version matches up to a high quality, store-bought one. If you’re interested in making your bath and beauty items, try some of these pampering products.

Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies

I have an entire bath bombs guide dedicated to this which you can access for free! We’ve been making these for years and have perfected a few recipes that are literally no-fail bath bomb recipes.

We love making our own bath bombs and now my 6-year-old can almost do it by herself. Even if you don’t have ‘fancy molds,’ you can make fun, healthy, and relaxing bath bombs and shower fizzies.

Quick tip: if you’re unsure of essential oil combinations, check out our recipes which give a few suggestions. If you’re still unsure, pop on over to Ruffles and Rain Boot’s Facebook page and message me – I’d love to brainstorm combinations with what you have on hand.

Bath Bomb Recipes

Shower Fizzies Versus Bath Bombs

If you’re going to make your own shower fizzies instead of bath bombs, please read “Shower Fizzies Versus Bath Bombs.” I promise it’ll save you a world of headaches because the recipes are not the same…

And that’s just the start of it.

the difference between shower fizzies and bath bombs

All DIY Bath and Beauty: Bath Bombs, Tub Teas, Soaks, and Salts

Included below are all of the DIY bath and beauty items we’ve made.

A quick tip: if you’re making bath bombs as a gift, consider combining them with a set of tub teas. Everyone we’ve gifted these to has RAVED about them because they’re relaxing, full of healthy goodness, and won’t leave a mess in the tub! :)

Additionally, a foot soak is a pampering gift anyone would love to receive and they’re very easy to put together.

Scented bath salts are another favorite gift idea for others (or yourself) and are extremely quick to make. Additionally, if you’re making bath bombs, shower fizzies, or tub teas already, you will be able to use the same supplies.