How to Set Up a Simple Craft Station for Kids

It can be daunting setting up a craft station for kids but we’ve listed the most-used supplies needed. Let’s get crafting with the kids.

Learn how to set up a craft kit for kids without wasting money on craft supplies

How to Get Started

Whether you’re setting up the Crafty Kids Bundle, have just downloaded something from the Ruffles and Rain Boots shop, or you’re just looking to create a fun and simple craft station for kids, this list is a life-saver.

When designing a craft cabinet for kids, it’s important that they can access it year-round. It needs to be safe and include the ‘right’ supplies for their age. It’s a wonderful way for kids to:

  • work on fine-motor skills
  • improve focus time
  • prompt their creativity
  • foster a love of ingenuity, and well,
  • just to have a good time!

There are affiliate links in this article which means, at no additional cost to you, we could receive compensation for our recommendations. You can read our full disclosure policy. We have all of these supplies, so let me know if you have questions about them!

Craft Station for Toddlers

For a long time, we altered our popular Ikea Latt table hack we created and outfitted it with these bins to hold supplies. In them, we put washable markers, Twistable crayons, large pencils (for little hands), and washable stamps.


Ikea Latt Table Hack Art and Craft Table for Kids

Craft Station for School-Age (K, 1, and 2)

Now that our daughter is 6, she has her own craft cabinet with storage boxes full of the supplies below. Tip: get storage boxes with lids to help prompt a clean, organized look. We have both clear and white boxes.

Craft Station for Kids – Supplies to Purchase

Here are our recommendations for items to be purchased

  • Twistable Crayons and Twistable Colored Pencils – these are hands-down the best! No mess, no sharpening, and they’re easily packable without risk of puncture. ;)
  • Pipe Cleaners – some of the crafts in the bundle make the most adorable things from pipe cleaners, so pick up this pack (our fave).
  • Pony Beads (and shaped beads) – we LOVE using these for learning, jewelry, sorting/math fun, and ornaments (there are so many DIY ornament ideas for kids included in this bundle)
  • Corks – from ornaments to stamps, we’ve been using this package of corks for a while.
  • Craft Sticks – we have natural-colored craft sticks and pre-colored craft sticks. Our daughter has used them in crafts, in her dollhouse (as people), as building supplies, stir sticks for paints and slime, and even as instruments!
  • Chalks (if older kids, pastels) – if your child uses all of the construction paper EXCEPT the brown and black, these are such a great supply to have on hand.
  • Pom Poms – good Lord, y’all… If I knew how many uses a kid can find for pompoms, I’d have invested.

Craft Station for Kids – Found or Repurposed Supplies

Glue Sticks – they dry much faster than PVA school glue and are great for paper crafts.

  • PVA or School Glue – bulk glue is nice on the wallet but be sure to refill the small bottles for little hands.
  • Age-Appropriate Scissors – cutting practice is beneficial to everyone because it requires fine-motor skills AND concentration.
  • Bits and Bobbles from Nature – acorns, sticks, pine cones, leaves, and more of nature’s bounty are great to have on-hand for impromptu art projects. We keep these in a plastic tub with a lid just in case creepy crawlies come inside, too.
  • Yar and Fabric Scraps – around our house, we have quite a few scraps and the little always finds something to do with them!

Over to You

What are your kid’s favorite craft supplies? Right now, my daughter is gluing fabric to a piece of cardboard covered in pine needles, so I’m off to snap a photo to send to the grandparents.

Please pin this helpful list for other looking to create their own simple craft station for kids.

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