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Canvas Bag Craft Idea

Canvas Bag Makeover

Bridesmaid Revisited Have you ever stared at something long enough and with such intent that an idea came to you simply to allow your brain to ponder other things? Me neither, but that’s what I was hoping for when this canvas bag spent a year of its existence hanging on the laundry room door. Although …

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TinkerBell Craft Box

We go on a lot of meandering walks around here and it seems we come back with our pockets full of adopted pieces of nature. Right now, my daughter seems to be hoarding acorn caps and they’re fighting a losing battle with the vacuum. Check out my quick solution to make both mom and daughter …

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Kid’s Headphone Sizer Hack

In discussing our upcoming trip, my husband and I thought we should bring Elise’s tablet along for the plane ride. We aren’t fans of plugging the kid in, but this is an entire day of traveling and we think she is going to need a focused distraction. This is doubly-true because we’ll be traveling without …

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