The Best Christmas Cupcake Ideas

I found the best Christmas cupcake ideas that one can find. There’s about a million holiday cupcake recipes, but I culled through the chuff and found some of the most absolute awesome ones.

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Check out all these awesome Christmas cupcake decorating ideas! So simple and perfect for all the holiday parties ever.

Best Christmas Cupcake Ideas

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are so in love with Christmas, it’s not funny. Everything Christmas, in fact. I know I’ve mostly shared Christmas DIY ideas, but I’ve been seriously working this year to figure out the best recipes for gingerbread cupcakes, candy cane cookies and cream cheese bread. But, I ran into a wall. I can’t decide between wreath cupcakes and Christmas light cupcakes. Or maybe reindeer cupcakes. Or maybe peppermint cupcakes…


See? See what I’m talking about?! There are so many awesome ideas! So, I gathered the best Christmas cupcake decorating ideas so that I could pick. And now I’m even more conflicted! If you want to have loads of awesome holiday cupcake recipes to choose from, well, let’s get started.

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Tips to Make these Christmas Cupcake Decorating Ideas

  • Whether you’re making super complicated Christmas tree cupcakes or the most basic of all the snowman cupcakes on the list, you should start with your favorite cupcake recipe, whether that’s grandma’s cupcakes or a cake mix box. I always start with my Lazy Girl Cupcakes. They’re a no-fail cupcake that anyone can make, as long as you can read a recipe!
  • Never, ever (and I mean never) ice a cupcake that’s not completely cool. Warm cupcakes and icing make for melted mess and you’ll be very upset. So, don’t do that. Let the cupcakes cool completely, you’ll be so much happier.
  • I don’t mind making my own buttercream frosting, but if you’re in a pinch, I like to use canned frosting. Just the basic stuff from your grocery store will do. But if you start with a plain vanilla, then color it to your specific need, no one will know that you’re using a can…
  • Get creative! Take these ideas and run with them. I truly love the little Christmas trees and the polar bears–and the snow globe is wow worthy. But nothing says you can’t make a snow globe cupcake with a polar bear or Christmas tree cupcakes on a brownie base. Be creative and make them your own!
  • Check out all the awesome sprinkles you can use for your Christmas cupcakes! I found these ridiculously cute gingerbread people sprinkles and I can’t wait until they get here–I’m going to make all sorts of fun holiday treats with these sprinkles!
  • If you want to make a whole bunch of cupcakes, you can freeze the cupcake part of the cupcakes. Just don’t do that with the icing. So, make your cupcakes a few days or even a week before and freeze them. Then do the icing and serve them when you’re ready!
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Best Christmas Cupcake Ideas

I found the best Christmas cupcake ideas that one can find. There's about a million holiday cupcake recipes, but I culled through the chuff and found some of the most absolute awesome ones.

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