Honey Butter Recipe

Because our days have been filled with sunshine and we’ve been outside enjoying htem to the fullest, I have a quick craft for you today. It’s a celebration for the taste buds and will impress even the pickiest eaters! Join us as we share our quick honey butter recipe!

Roadhouse Honey Butter Recipe @rufflesandrain

So easy and so delicious, honey butter is probably one of the best parts of eating in a Texas roadhouse restaurant. Today, I’m getting nostalgic for my youth while getting creative in the kitchen. Honey butter on biscuits was my version of carb heaven, y’all.

Biscuits and Honey Butter Recipe

I love that I grew up in Texas and I miss it often – you never know, we might end up there again someday. There are just so many things I remember about growing up in Texas that aren’t common in Seattle: Southern sweet tea, unbelievable BBQ and TexMex on every corner, and beautiful electrical storms (dry lightning) that would keep me awake at night, if only to watch their amazing show.

Texas Honey Butter Recipe

I grew up in a lake resort area with a sleepy, small town vibe; it was that place where everyone knew everyone else. It was picturesque, inviting, and was close enough to larger towns and cities that you didn’t feel disconnected, but far away enough from the hustle and bustle. Looking back, it was a pretty great place to grow up. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Growing up in a time where parents allowed their kids to play in the neighborhood without a full security detail following them around 24/7, we were given quite a bit of freedom to roam. I can vividly remember the hot, Texas summer before starting high school. My friend Tracy and I would walk around barefoot on the street and through the woods, coming to rest on a pier where we could cool our burning toes by dipping them in the water.

Honey Butter Recipe - A Vintage Treat

Tracy’s mom would make us biscuits and honey butter to take with us while we wandered about, making sure a soda or some sweet tea was tucked in our little bag as well. Smiling, I remember how without care or carb-counting, we would snack on those biscuits and lick our fingers clean. Good times.

This morning I was feeling quite nostalgic and took 2 minutes to make up this honey butter recipe. I wasn’t going to share it here on the ‘Boots, but then I thought to myself: “Self, not everyone grew up with honey butter and you’d be doing quite the injustice if you didn’t share.” Okay, that might not have actually happened, but this honey butter recipe totally did!

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Honey Butter Recipe

Honey Butter Recipe Ingredients
  • 1/4 cup of unsalted, room temperature butter
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey, preferably local and 100% raw

Honey Butter Recipe

Honey Butter Recipe

Join us as we share our quick honey butter recipe!


  • 1/4 cup of unsalted, room temperature butter
  • 1 tbsp of raw honey, preferably local and 100% raw


Whisk the honey and butter together.

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That’s it, there’s no step 2. I’m a big fan of easy and this honey butter recipe sure fits that to a “T!”

Because it keeps well, you could gift this easily by making up some biscuits and packaging up some honey butter. You could make a little note card sharing your ‘honey butter recipe‘ with some other serving suggestions, too.

Or you could virtually gift it to all of your Pinterest followers. Wouldn’t that just be the sweetest?

Honey Butter Recipe Gift

I made up some biscuits – well, some oddly shaped biscuits – and the little one and I had a wonderful snack. She’s still a bit young to grasp the “when I was growing up” conversations, so I just told her this was one of my favorite indulgences when I was little. And based on how quickly Elise devoured hers, I’d say honey butter biscuits got her stamp of approval.

Roadhouse Honey Butter Recipe #honey #honeybutter #spreads #butterrecipe

What about you? Are there foods that bring back memories?

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  1. Honey butter – I have even made it here before. And slathered on corn bread muffins … MMM MMM good! Glad you can reminisce fondly about us moving you to the far away ‘country’ place.

  2. Your growing up years sound so wonderful! A lake with a pier!

    There are certain foods, smells and even songs that will bring me right back to to my childhood, no matter what. I love honey butter! Jen’s Guy grew up in Southern Utah and it is a staple there, kind of like fry sauce! I love your simple recipe and am a BIG fan of biscuits! Just pinned! Now where is the biscuit recipe?

    1. Most honey butter recipes add sugar – sugar to honey is OVERKILL in my opinion – so I just decided to go sweet and simple. The biscuit recipe is just a simple buttermilk one but right now, I’m loving Happy Herbivore’s drop biscuits.

  3. I LOVE honey butter! I’ve actually never made it, but have made blueberry butter. I will for sure try this recipe!

  4. You made me crave this… instantly. I have the ingredients too LOL.

    I’m definitely making myself some honey butter.

    Thanks for sharing Sarah.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jennifer. The honey butter goes fast once you make it, but it’s a nice treat to have around for a little bit. :)

  5. I grew up originally in the Caribbean for the first 15 years of my life and I still visit occasionally. One of the things I loved eating there was a fruit called “guava” and they would make this really great jam and jelly from it. I so miss it. We got raw fresh honey back then too. I think the kids would enjoy this. I always have a bottle of honey in the fridge although I use salted butter. I’ll have to grab some unsalted one for this recipe. Pinned it so I can find it to make it again as well.

    1. Oh, Amanda – you just reminded me of a strawberry guava jam I used to get from trips to Hawaii! Guava is something that isn’t too readily available here but I love it, too.

      I’m sure you could use salted butter – give it a try and let me know.