Beginner Sewing Projects

If you are new to sewing, or just want a project you can complete quickly, these projects will provide some inspiration.

woman sewing pink fabric on sewing machine with beginner tutorials
Beginner sewing tutorials for decor, gifts, and more.

Before We Get Started

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love sharing beginner sewing projects because well, I don’t like things too complicated.

If I can cut it quickly, sew it quickly, and gift it quickly, it’s made the list. You’ll find all of my easy sewing tutorial projects here, but take a look below and see if anything strikes your fancy.

close up image of sewing supplies like pin cushion tape ribbon and buttons for sewing projects

Gnomes – Gnome Sewing Patterns

Using my very popular gnome sewing patterns, I share how to create the most unique, elegant, and festive Scandinavian gnomes for crafters new to sewing.

Click above to see all of the gnomes you can make with a simple sewing machine.

curved hat gnome sewing pattern with text which reads farmhouse gnome make this easy sewing pattern

Dress Up and Costumes

If you want to create your own dress up clothes and costumes for kids, check out some of these amazing and popular creations.

Mermaid Costume Tutorial

Handmade Gifts and Decor

Beginner Sewing Pillow Tutorial

If you want to sew for your home, use this beginner pillow tutorial and you’ll be done in no time.


DIY Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

Oh, this one is such a hit and well-loved. This DIY tote bag sewing tutorial is perfect for beginners, as you’ll learn a ton of new skills!

pink stripe beginner tote bag tutorial on white background

Lavender Sachets

One of my favorites, these easy DIY sachets are a perfect beginner sewing project for yourself or others.

three lavender sachet sewing project on white background

Beginner Sewing Scarf Tutorial

No matter the material, this beginner sewing scarf tutorial will have you stitching up a successful project in no time.

floral scarf sewing tutorial and pouch

Simple Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

One of the basics, you can make one, two, or even a few of these simple drawstring bags as a beginner sewing project.

drawstring bag tutorial for beginner sewing

Save This

These projects are just the start (don’t forget to check out all of our beginner sewing tutorials here).

If you have to run, be sure to save this to Pinterest or share on your Facebook wall to come back to later.

collage of woman sewing and sewing supplies with text which reads beginner sewing projects for practice