Washington State Trivia Printable for Kids – Road Trip Fun!

Take this fun Washington State trivia printable with you while you visit and travel around the Evergreen State. Included in this free trivia pack are fun facts about Washington state, a seek-and-find game, and two coloring pages.

Take this road trip game with you - Washington state trivia and play pack

Washington State Trivia – 10 Facts for Kids

Included in the state trivia pack are the following fun facts about the state of Washington. Each state fact is on a card of its own in the printable.

  1. Washington is the only state in the US to be named after a president.
  2. It produces more apples than any other state.
  3. Washington has more glaciers than all other contiguous states (more than 47 states COMBINED)!
  4. It has the only rain forest in the continental United States.
  5. The state gem of Washington is petrified wood (wood which is so old it has turned to stone). Petrified wood is actually a fossil.
  6. Although known for apples, Washington produces the most raspberries, pears, cherries, and Concord grapes in the United States.
  7. Washington has 4 of the 5 longest bridges in the world. The world.
  8. It is nicknamed the evergreen state for the trees and Seattle is nicknamed the Emerald City because it’s surrounded by so much green.
  9. Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant, a restaurant that spins around while you eat your meal!
  10. Washington is home to the giant Pacific octopus who can have an arm span of 20 feet! They are nocturnal and use their 200 suckers (on each of their 8 arms) to hunt clams and squid.

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Fun Washington State Crafts for Kids

We’re all about learning through doing here at Ruffles and Rain Boots. One of the ways we love to reinforce education is through crafts. Below you’ll find a few great Washington apple crafts for kids.

Printable Apple Paper Craft

This adorable paper apple craft comes with a printable template. Don’t you just love that? My daughter really enjoyed this one (she got to use the scrapbook paper cutter).

Paper Apple Craft with Printable Template _ Kindergarten Crafts

Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Oh. My. Word. We are setting up this tissue paper apple craft for just before Spring break. I’m going to use a small paper plate because I have them on hand.

Washington trivia and tissue paper apple craft

Apple Pie Playdough Recipe

Make up a batch of this simple caramel apple playdough. Mmmm, can’t you just smell it?

Apple Pie Playdough Recipe for Kids

If you’re looking for more, check out this great list of Washington state crafts for kids.

Get the Washington State Trivia Printable

Before you head out to explore the Evergreen state, print off this free Washington state trivia printable. It includes:

  • 10 fun facts about the state of Washington
  • a Washington themed seek-and-find game
  • 2 coloring pages

Download the Washington State Trivia Pack Here

Some of the artwork featured in this pack is from the amazingly talented Phillip Martin.

Over to You

After you grab your Washington state trivia printable, let me know what your little one’s favorite fun fact and crafts were. Mine LOVES the seek and find!

Take this Washington state trivia pack on your next road trip or vacation to the Evergreen state. The free printable includes 10 fun facts about Washington, 2 coloring pages, and a Seek and Find game! #washington #evergreen #wa #Seattle #washingtontravel #rufflesandrainbotos

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  1. This is great for all those possibly homeschooling about Washington State or just trying to teach their kids a bit more about the state itself. So definitely pinned and will keep in mind for my own girls now, too! :)