Fun State Trivia Road Trip Game for Kids – Free Printable!

Print off this fun state trivia printable road trip game and get 50 facts to take with you. Weird state facts are so much fun and kids won’t even know they’re learning!

Download this fun state trivia game for kids to take along on family travel
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Ah, Memories

I can still remember one of my family road trips from Texas to New York. It’s easy to recall the shouts of, “She’s touching me!” and my brother stealing my cassette tapes (#iamold) – that was basically every time we all piled into the back of a car.

But I can still remember the smell of a middle-of-nowhere Arkansas field at dusk.

The field wasn’t memorable, but I doubt I’ll ever forget the sight of hundreds of fireflies rising up at the same time. Every whine stopped. All bodies stilled. We were held in awe for 10-minutes while we watched this amazing display.

free printable game fun state trivia road trip

Family Travel

Whether it’s a road trip, a plane ride, or a combination of both, travel is an essential educational tool in my family’s wheelhouse. No matter the destination, the education we can provide our kids when traveling is some of the most valuable:

  • new cities, states, or countries
  • different cultures and social norms
  • learning about and accepting people from different areas, upbringings, etc.

But with young kids, you’re not going to hand them a Lonely Plant guide. We have to make it interesting and this fun state trivia road trip game fits the bill!

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Fun Trivia Facts for 50 States

I put together this set of 50 state trivia facts for kids and wanted to share it with you. Whether you use it as a countdown to travel or on a trip, it’s an easy way to make learning (and memory retention) fun.

For instance:

  • California raises more turkeys than anywhere else in the nation? Who knew?
  • A public – PUBLIC – diamond mine exists in Murfreesboro, Arkansas? Public?!
  • Connecticut gave us helicopters and hamburgers? Connecticut for the win!

Free printable for fun state trivia cards - great for road trips and family travel countdowns

Fun State Trivia Printables

I’ve provided two ways to join in the state trivia fun – a set of cards or an alphabetical list of fun facts by state.

If you don’t have time to print them now, pin this fun state trivia printable to your favorite travel or learning board on Pinterest. Better yet, share them on Facebook so others can join in on the state trivia fun!

Over to You

What is your favorite travel game? I’ve played the license plate game thousands of times and one of the best inventions ever is this travel bingo for kids. It’s a serious life-saver (we have many sets)!

Get this fun state trivia road trip game and take the fun and learning on the road. 50 facts about the United States - weird, fun, and interesting, the kids love this set! #travel #familytravel #roadtrip #travelgames #triviaforkids #rufflesandrainboots

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