Unicorn Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

This free unicorn hand lettering practice sheet combines magical lettering with whimsical styles. The available set includes practice for small pen, large pen, and blending.

unicorn hand lettering sheet in black ink on purple calligraphy clipboard

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Unicorn Hand Lettering Practice Sheet (Full Set Available)

We love to find fun ways to practice hand lettering here at Ruffles and Rain Boots. I’ve shared all kinds of sets to help bring the smiles while working on lettering skills:

  • letter practice
  • days of the week practice
  • art prints
  • mermaid lettering practice (so fun!)

The free unicorn hand lettering sheet is finally available. Squeee! My little girl loves ALL things mermaid, unicorn, and dragons right now. We’ve been crafting with all of them here on Ruffles and Rain Boots.

The full set of unicorn hand lettering practice sheets can be found in the shop. Psst: you get a coupon when you sign up for the weekly email here.

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Supplies Needed

If you need anything or want to try some new lettering products, be sure to check out my hand lettering shop on Amazon. I give you the exact products I use.

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Tips on Hand Lettering Unicorn Sayings

Our hand lettering practice should be fun and, at the same time be challenging. Here are a few practice notes from my first session with this unicorn hand lettering practice set.

Play with Pressure 

Sure we all know that we go light on the upstroke and heavy on the down, but be sure to test letters with different pressure on that down. There is no hard-and-fast rule that says all of your letters need to be uniform. Sometimes it looks pretty cool when they’re not.

Texture and Fun

If I’m going to do something, I want it to be enjoyable, and lettering practice should be fun. One of the ways I incorporated a bit of fun in this unicorn hand lettering practice set was to use a dotted ombre shade on the art print (full set).

the text one of a kind written in marker with a dotted ombre print

Practice Faux Calligraphy

I know some lettering die-hards out there who despise faux calligraphy, but I think we\ should practice it. There is a different skill highlighted when building letters – steady, narrow lines.

Grab a skinny pen (I prefer Micron .45) and get yourself to build the chunky letters by outlining them. Play with the loops, the bounces, and anything you can think of. All of it is good practice.

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Free Unicorn Hand Lettering Practice Sheet

Download the free unicorn hand lettering practice page (small pen) here or go a bit further in your skill development with the full unicorn lettering practice set here.

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