How to Dye Feathers – Paint Feathers with Watercolor

This is a quick and safe way to learn how to dye feathers with watercolor (video included). Using only paint, you can create subtle hues or vibrant colors and use these painted feathers in decor, crafts, costumes, and cosplay!

Use this DIY tutorial to paint feathers with watercolor and stay away from harmful dye

How to Color Feathers with Watercolor

Sometimes you need to dye feathers and I detest working with dye. I’m that person who will get it on something it really didn’t need to be on and well, let’s just say I’ve ruined quite a few things.

To avoid working with harsh chemical dye, set up a feather painting station. It’s so easy to put together and the projects are endless. Let’s get started.

No Time to Paint Feathers Now? Save This for Later

If you’re still working on a design or getting supplies together, pin this feather craft to your favorite DIY board on Pinterest and it will be here when you’re ready. 

feathers colored in pink, purple, magenta, and mint with text which reads how to paint feathers with watercolor

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Supplies to Dye Feathers with Watercolor

As you can imagine, you’ll need watercolors but we have a few supplies that will make learning how to dye feathers much easier.

  • watercolor (these are our favorite watercolors for their saturation and vibrant color)
  • water brush pen (we have the set, but you could get away with only the medium)
  • feathers (we picked up a pack of these)
  • a brush (we used both a small pedicure brush and an Ikea kitchen brush and they both worked)
  • paper towel or kitchen towel (will likely stain)
  • palette (we use a piece of tile with felt on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch surfaces)

use these supplies to dye feathers at home using only watercolor

Before you get started, decide on a few colors and whether or not you want them very saturated (bright color) or subtle. If you’re new to watercolor, the amount of water you add to the paint determines the vibrancy of the color, so experiment a little.

This is a great learning discussion and experiment for the kids, by the way. We were able to talk about dilution and color mixing with this activity, so it was a learning painting activity for the kids.

How to Dye Feathers with Watercolor

It’s easy to dye feathers with watercolor and stay away from the harsh dyes. Let’s get to this fun and easy craft! If you are making a playlist on YouTube, our “How to Paint Feathers with Watercolor” full video tutorial is here.

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Don’t you just love the vibrant hues? We made some with more subtle colors and you can bet you’ll see more painted feather crafts soon here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. This is such an easy way to learn to dye feathers with watercolor and stay away from harsh chemicals.

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Learn how to paint feathers with watercolor and avoid the harsh dyes. These are great to use in costumes, cosplay, for home decor, and crafts. #feathers #featherDIY #paintingcrafts #craftsforkids #feathercraftsforkids

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  1. My daughter caught a glimpse of this activity as I was reading and said it’s very pretty! I agree! We’re going to have to try it now :-)