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A Rustic Farmhouse Rock Nativity Canvas Craft

This simple, rustic farmhouse rock nativity is a quick craft that makes a big impact in your holiday decor. You’ll be done in just minutes with an eye-catching piece.

Make this easy holiday craft of a rock nativity for simple rustic farmhouse decorations

A Simple, Yet Eye-Catching Craft

This mixed media craft is a great way to use up those smaller rocks and pebbles from your bag of rocks used in rock painting (or found in your driveway). It takes nearly no time at all and can be done with little ones (as long as you’re operating the glue gun). 

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Supplies for Rock Nativity

Because it's such a simple craft, you'll not need much for this rock nativity. If you don't have any moss, try it without. I think it looks great with or without the moss on the twigs.

Supplies for a simple farmhouse nativity craft
  • Large flat rocks
  • Small pebbles
  • Twigs of different lengths that snap easily
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap covered canvas (or any painted canvas, dry)
  • Floral moss
  • Star shape or sticker

How to Make a Rock Nativity Craft

Assemble twigs in the shape of a simple stable. Lay out your stones for each character you'll be using in your canvas to make sure they fit. We won't want to layer the rocks.

Glue the twigs into place with a hot glue gun once you have them arranged where you would like them to be.

Place a thin layer of hot glue along the twigs that form the stable and press some floral moss into it. Tap off the excess moss gently and allow the glue to dry and harden.

Rustic farmhouse rock nativity craft

Choose a medium-sized, flat round stone and small round pebble for the baby Jesus. Leave room under him for a manger and hot glue him into a place in the center of the nativity.

Break off small twigs and make a simple manger under baby Jesus. Hot glue the twigs to the canvas.

Baby Jesus rock ornament for nativity craft for kids

Starting from the center, select stones and pebbles for other nativity characters. We included Mary, Joseph, the wise men, and a sheep. You can get creative and even give them beards from the moss if you want.

Hot glue the different rock characters into place within the stable on the front of your burlap canvas.

Add a large star-shaped piece of confetti to the top of your canvas above the stable. You're done! Easy peasy, right?

This simple rustic farmhouse rock nativity craft is a great way to bring the outside indoors this holiday season.

Over to You

I love simple crafts like this, don't you? Please share our rustic farmhouse rock nativity craft and check out more fun with rocks below.

This simple rustic farmhouse rock nativity craft is a great way to bring the outside indoors this holiday season. #christmas #nativity #babyJesus #rockpainting #crafts #handmadeholiday #diy