Themed Gingerbread Houses That Will Bring the Smiles

These themed gingerbread houses are hilarious, adorable, and sure to please even the Scroogiest of holiday friends and family.

These fun and themed gingerbread houses for gamers dog lovers hipsters and Disney fans are sure to please

Themed Gingerbread Houses

Traditions about during the holidays, but few are as fun as a gingerbread decorating session. From little ones to grandparents, everyone can work alongside (or in competition with) each other enjoying the experience.

We’re on the hunt for a themed gingerbread house and wow, it’s hard to decide.

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Gingerbread House for Gamers (Video Game Lovers)

This entire themed gingerbread houses roundup was inspired by this Super Mario gingerbread house kit. It’s a castle and it’s perfect.

I saw this and started singing the song. You know the song.

You’re probably now humming the song. Get this for your video game lover!

Super Mario Brothers Gingerbread Castle Decorating KitSuper Mario Brothers Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit

Gingerbread House Travelers (Camper Van, Caravan)

Sometimes I think I could live in an adorable camper van. I could have a teeny-tiny vacuum, a teeny-tiny set of dishes, and a teeny-tiny closet. Well, that one might stink.

But then I realize… My craft supplies would need their own trailer.

Gingerbread Camper Decorating KitGingerbread Camper Decorating Kit

Themed Gingerbread House for Tiny Home Lovers

Much like the dashed-hope of the camper van living arrangements, I know I’m just not ready for a tiny home.

Unless it’s made of gingerbread and is covered in candy.

Chocolate Cookie Tiny House Decorating KitChocolate Cookie Tiny House Decorating Kit

An Elf of the Shelf Gingerbread House

Kids LOVE Elf on the Shelf. There are so many great ideas to surprise the kids each morning that it adds a touch of magic to their holiday season.

Can you imagine setting up a few mischievous elf poses near this Elf on the Shelf gingerbread house?

Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House KitElf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House for Disney Fans (Mickey Mouse and Friends)

We are doing this Disney Tsum Tsum advent calendar this year – it’s TOO CUTE, right?!? I’m thinking I should pick up this Disney-fan favorite.

The Mickey Holiday House would be a great activity to set up while showing one of the old movies. My daughter loves the older Mickey and Friends movies.

Mickey Holiday House Cookie KitMickey Holiday House Cookie Kit

Gingerbread House for Dog Lovers

But then I see this and I’m torn! We lost our dog this year and the little one is all about the puppies. From stickers to crafts, she drops a not-so-subtle hint that it’s time to get a new pup.

Gingerbread Doghouse Decorating KitGingerbread Doghouse Decorating Kit

Gingerbread House for Multiple Kids or a Decorating Party

Every time I set up (or attend) a gingerbread house decorating party, I buy a few of these kits. With a can of icing and leftover candy, the kids have more than enough supplies to decorate a gingerbread house village!

Another reason I love this set is that they aren’t full-size houses and the younger kids can complete one without help or meltdowns.

Mini Gingerbread VillageMini Gingerbread Village

A My Little Pony Gingerbread House

I’m not sure if you know ALL.THE.PONIES.IN.PONYVILLE but I do as my little one loves these little equine cuties. We opted for a different house this year only because I didn’t tell her this one existed.


My Little Pony Gingerbread House KitMy Little Pony Gingerbread House Kit

Over to You

Which is your favorite? Do you know someone who would absolutely LOVE one of these? I might have to get the tiny home one as a white elephant gift for someone. We sincerely appreciate you sharing this to Pinterest or Facebook to share the fun.

These fun and themed gingerbread houses for gamers dog lovers hipsters and Disney fans are sure to please! #Christmas #gingerbread #gingerbreadhouse #whiteelephantgift #inexpensivegiftideas

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