12 Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

Look at these 12 free printable Father’s Day cards. From adorable and cutesy, to classic and hilarious, print off one of these free cards for Dad today.

The list is divided between young children and older kids so everyone can find something to craft.

Free Printable Father's Day Cards

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Free Printable Cards for Dads

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re a crafty bunch. And whether you are a mom, grandparent, friend, or caregiver, Father’s Day is important to recognize and you know it. If you want the little ones to craft a card themselves, this list has a ton of ideas.

These printable cards for Dads make it easy-peasy to show him how much they’re cared for. I’ve included two sets of inspiration in this creative collection of card ideas: cards from young kids and those older kids can make.

Free Father’s Day Cards From Young Children

Big, bold colors and fun shapes define these card ideas for Father’s Day. Little ones might need help to assemble some of these, but you’ll only need a glue stick.

Horizontal image collage of printable cards from young children with text which reads the best free printable father's day cards.
Little ones will have a blast making these free printable cards for their favorite fella.

“Dad, You Are Dino-mite!” Printable Dinosaur Handprint Card – Fun Handprint Art

For any dinosaur-loving kiddo, Dad would be all smiles to get this. And because there are so many variations, this is one of our favorite printable Father’s Day cards.

“Let’s TACO ’bout How Awesome You Are” Printable Card – DIY Inspired

I like the ‘stuffing’ in this one – it’s probably one of the most creative cards I’ve seen in a while. And Dads who love tacos would be all smiles with this printable card for men.

Superhero Father’s Day Card Printable – Messy Little Monster

Aaaaaand cue the obligatory super Dad card! This one is adorable and is a keepsake.

Out of This World Rocket Father’s Day Card – Non-Toy Gifts

The yarn, the rocket, the bright, bold colors – this is one of my absolute favorite Father’s Day cards kids can make themselves!

“Dad, You’re O-FISH-ally Awesome” Printable Card – Thrifty Jinxy

This is a great Father’s Day card for kids to make because it’s fun. Heck, I’d like to make it!

Printable Father’s Day Cards From Older Kids

No need for the older children to grab a store bought card when there are these amazing ideas. Pair one of these with a handmade gift or breakfast.

Horizontal image collage of cards and gift ideas for Dad with text which reads the best free Father's Day printable cards.
There is something for every Dad in this fun list of free cards.

Thanks for Sharing Your DNA… – This card has me laughing every single time I read it. If Dad needs a chuckle, this free printable Father’s Day card fits the bill.

Father’s Day Fill-In Printable – Paper Trail Design

When you look back on the answers, drawings, and sentiments written in this Father’s Day fill-in printable, you’re going to feel all the feels.

Three Printable Father’s Day Cards – The Joys of Boys

These are elegant, classy, and classic. If those words describe Dad, these would be great for parents of multiples. Each child could give their own unique card.

Joke Teller Father’s Day Card Printable – Bren Did

Add this to the list of things I want to make just because they’re awesome. This is a unique Father’s Day card and one which dad isn’t likely to forget.

Super Secret Spy Card – Pink Stripey Socks

Is it weird I want to make this? I love the idea of having the kids create their own message this way!

Amazing Father’s Day Printable Coasters – Lia Griffith

I love these because they can be used as cards, too. Print off the coaster you like on a piece of cardstock and cut it longer on top or bottom. Then fold and gift!

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Hilarious Low-Priced Father’s Day Cards

These aren’t homemade cards, but I thought they were great to include because small businesses create so many fun card ideas. I can grab a card, craft a personal message, add a Father’s day gift, and it’s a win.

Ah, the time before you had kids – this card hilariously allows Dad to reminisce!

Being the other half of that pair, I fully support this “one of my favorite parents” card for Dads who like to laugh.

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Which is your favorite? I can’t decide – they’re all great Father’s Day cards the kids can make at home. My daughter wants to make the rocket and I want to buy the time before kids (still chuckling at that one).

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