Pocky Popcorn – A Big Hero 6 Movie Night Treat

This Pocky popcorn recipe is likely the easiest recipe on the Internet and pairs perfectly with a fun Big Hero 6 movie night. Let’s get started!

Make this Pocky Popcorn for a fun twist on a classic. Sweet and salty combine for a fun, kid-friendly treat. #popcorn #popcornrecipes #pocky #pockyrecipes #madewithpocky #bighero6 #familymovienight #movienight #rufflesandrainboots

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My Love for All Things Pocky

Okay, so I’m going to level with you – this is NOT a sponsored post but I really, really, really wish it were.

I love Pocky. And it’s not the fleeting-summer-fling-like-kind-of-love. It’s the perfect treat: crunchy, a little sweet, and you can sword fight with them. I am easily amused.

Anyway, I don’t think there are enough recipes with Pocky, so we made up a ridiculously easy one for a Big Hero 6 family movie night.

Psst: If you’re looking for a recipe with pocky, this Pocky cake is WOW-worthy. She gets me.

Pocky Popcorn Recipe Ingredients

We make a themed popcorn for our movie nights (when mom isn’t too tired). Because everyone in the house was just so excited to watch one of our favorite family movies, the Pocky popcorn “recipe” was born.

It’s ridiculously easy. Let’s gather all of our ingredients:

  • popcorn
  • Pocky sticks (chocolate Pocky, strawberry, or cookies and cream all work in this recipe)

You just figured out why the word recipe was in quotation marks, huh?

Pocky Recipes - Pocky Popcorn

My No-Fail Popcorn Recipe 

I will share our favorite popcorn recipe with you because we’re friends. And that’s what friends do.

Prepare your popcorn – we use the stove top and this microwave thingy (no oil is needed!). Just make the corn how you like.

Add butter – real butter. For a 1/4 cup of kernels, we add about 2 tablespoons. Make sure sea salt is in the salt grinder and give it a couple of turns over your popcorn. Then, add a tablespoon (or three) of nutritional yeast.

Did I just lose you?

I promise you, butter, nutritional yeast, and sea salt makes for one of the BEST popcorn recipes. The combination of flavors really makes this Pocky popcorn pop! #alliterationforthewin

Pocky Popcorn Recipe Instructions

I can’t even say it’s recipe with a straight face. If you were here, I’d just plop you down in front of Big Hero 6 with a big bowl of our no-fail popcorn.

Then, I’d – forgive me, sweet Pocky – break Pocky sticks into pieces and mix them into your popcorn. I’d give you a few whole sticks because we’re friends and I’m generous like that with my Pocky.

Also, I fully expect a sword fight.

That’s it. You’re now feasting on tasty Pocky popcorn and realizing that there should be more Pocky stick recipes in the world.

Baymax Popcorn Box Printable

Psst: Get the Big Hero 6 popcorn box printable. Cute, right?! The kids went CRAZY over this. And, it comes in two sizes to help you dole out the right amount of popcorn for any fan.

Baymax Popcorn Box Printable Big Hero 6 Crafts for Kids

Over to You 

What is your favorite flavor of Pocky? My daughter LOVES the strawberry Pocky but I have to say, I’m a classic chocolate Pocky fan.

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Make this Pocky Popcorn for a fun twist on a classic. Sweet and salty combine for a fun, kid-friendly treat. #popcorn #popcornrecipes #pocky #pockyrecipes #madewithpocky #bighero6 #familymovienight #movienight #rufflesandrainboots

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  1. I would have to say it’s hereditary – I love Pocky – sorry, Danger, strawberry is not my fave ;)