Match Game Printable

Woodland Creatures Match Game Printable

I’m a big fan of making our own games and activities for Elise. We have some wonderful options on our devices, but there’s just nothing that beats a good-old-fashioned card game sometimes. A simple match game printable turns learning into tons of fun!

Animal Match Game Printable by Ruffles and Rain Boots

We have a Kindle Fire loaded with learning apps for our daughter. Yes, that’s an affiliate link if you’re interested in buying a Kindle. Oh and if you are interested in buying a Kindle, they are running a special discount on the previous generation right now, just as an FYI. This isn’t a sponsored post, so let’s move on…

There are some fabulous artists on Etsy and I have started gobbling up all I can from a few. When I create games for Elise, I often find myself making them using AMB Illustrations‘ clip art collections. Anne-Marie is a talented artist whose doe-eyed designs make me smile. My new favorites are these penguins that are ON SALE RIGHT NOW for just $0.99! I’ll wait until you recover from the cuteness overload and the warm, fuzzy feeling we all get when we score a great deal!

Free Printable Animal Match Game

80% off, ya’ll! Just sayin’ you could print some of these cuties off and have the kids make their own Christmas cards for the Grandparents, cousins, and their little school friends. We will be using these penguins to do just that!

I’m not getting anything to promote AMB Illustrations – I promise, this really isn’t a sponsored post – I just really like the sweet, simple nature of her designs. One of the first ones I swooned over was this forest creatures collection (yep, it’s also on sale right now for $0.99). Back in early August, I put together a quick match game for Elise using this set and she still plays with it! Because of its lasting power, I’m offering it today as a free printable.

Come on now, you can’t tell me you don’t just want to cock your head to the side and say, “Awwww.”

Printable Forest Creature Match Game

Ways To Play

This little match game has been used for so many fun activities ’round here.

Holiday Kid’s Table

Are you hosting a holiday dinner or family get-together with little ones?

  1. Print a couple sheets of these and set it aside for the kids. Let their imaginations run wild or tell them it’s a match game.
  2. Take it a step further and lay out some craft sticks (Popsicle sticks) and glue. They can glue the cards onto the sticks and put on an impromptu puppet show.

Normally, I’d have a picture right here but apparently the universe was hangry and swallowed up the entire folder of Elise playing with the game, making garlands, and using them as puppets. So, I’ll just put something here for the ‘scrollers:’ here’s our little one helping to decorate for Halloween.

Halloween Helper

Story Prompts

Another favorite around here is using these as story prompts. Elise will help me make up stories about how the animals meet and play together in the forest. Sadly, someone always seems to eat the mouse…

Skill Practice and Garlands

Scissor Skills: This is one of Elise’s favorite activities right now. She really focuses on about 4 cards and then just starts cutting willy-nilly, but there’s always a good time had by the both of us.

Lacing Skills: I use these cards to help Elise practice lacing by quickly punching holes in each of the top corners and giving her a piece of baker’s twine, jute or yarn. Wham-Bam and you have yourself 5 minutes for dinner prep and a garland for a tea party!

A note from my little one: fairies are always welcome to attend forest animal tea parties, whether mommies are invited or not.

If you’re on the hunt for more printable games, stay tuned. I’ve got a ton of these things and never thought to share them before now. If you just can’t wait, here’s a bit of kid fun to tide you over:

Leaf Crown Tutorial By Ruffles and Rain Boots
Easy Dragon Craft

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  1. My kids had an a couple of matching games when they were little. This one is adorable. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Deborah

  2. Eeeek! That mask!!!

    I love this printable Sarah! Fabulous… my youngest would really get into this.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.

  3. I had a big batch that the Universe just swallowed up too! I hate that. The printable is super cute and Rebekah would really like that. We are much better off if we have simple and easy projects on the ready for the witching hour. Thanks for sharing! Oh and my teen Samantha loves her kindle. We are planning on getting one for the younger 2 this Christmas. Love the apps on there, although my teen just uses it to watch videos and surf the internet…. Hopefully we can get the younger two to do some learning with it!

    1. I know the day is coming where our little one surfs the web all day. Just today she came up to me and said, “Mommy – can we look on the Amazon for some cat tights?” Wait, what? :)