How to Sublimate a Mug with a Free Christmas SVG

This free Christmas SVG is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit while showing off that intelligent, sarcastic side everyone knows and loves. And bonus: I’m going to show you how to sublimate a mug using a colored SVG with less than 10 minutes of work.

I am laughing as I type because when this “I am a joy to the world” SVG design came into my head, I stopped what I was doing and immediately drew it up. How could I not? I love a good zinger and this was perfect for my brother.

Horizontal image of two coffee mugs made with a colorful SVG and sublimation with Cricut Mug Press.
In just 10 minutes and you can make some fantastic sublimation gifts for Christmas!

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Sarcastic Christmas SVG Design

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m a HUGE fan of scintillating sarcasm and find sarcastic people to be thoroughly entertaining to be around. The wit – usually delivered with target-like timing – definitely keeps me on my toes.

If your’e a fan, too, whip up a quick blank from your stash with this design for the holidays. I am not saying to roll up to the family Christmas dinner wearing this on a shirt, but I’m not in charge of your life choices, so do what you think is right.

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As I mentioned above, I’m a big fan o’ the sarcastic crew. Here are a few popular sarcastic SVG designs I’ve created:

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Stacked vertical image showing woman in black sweatshirt and I am a Joy to the World design in metallics with text which reads funny Christmas SVG.
Use foil, flock, or any other vinyl to create fun holiday shirts, mugs, and more with this funny Christmas SVG design.

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Ideas on How to Use This Free Funny Christmas SVG

  • Gift Tags – A bit of card stock paper and a printer are all you need to make a TON of gift tags.
  • Stickers – If you think gift tags are a bit too much work this late in the holiday season, just print these out on sticker paper. Use those as gift tags (or to seal Christmas cards because licking envelopes makes you cringe).
  • Mugs – While I was typing up this article, I popped this onto a mug. I used my sublimation printer, the file that I’m giving for free, and the Cricut Mug Press to make this mug (tutorial below).
  • Shirt / Hoodie – I don’t have any on hand in my stash right now, but if I did, you can bet this would go onto a hoodie!
Square close up image of a free Christmas SVG I am a Joy to the World in silver and gold on black sweatshirt.
I am still laughing after creating this funny Christmas SVG!

How to Sublimate a Mug in Under 10-Minutes

You will need the following for this beginner sublimation project. I will be sharing more Cricut mug press ideas, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter or follow on Facebook.

  • a sublimation printer, ink, and paper
  • a sublimation-ready mug (this is the Cricut brand for “Infusible Ink”)
  • design program of your choice and template of your choice (mine are below)
  • Cricut Mug Press or other press / sublimation set up
  • heat tape / heat resistant tape
  • surface to cool mugs
  • scissors or cutter for the design

Note: you will NOT need butcher paper for this project. If your blank wasn’t sealed, be sure it is clean and use a lint roller to remove any dust.

Step 1: Download the Free Christmas Design

Below the licensing section, I share the link to my I Am a Joy to the World free SVG for Christmas. Add the free file to your cart, checkout with a zero balance (no card required), and unzip the folder.

Step 2: Size the Design

Size the design to the mug you’re using. Mine are 12 ounce “Infusible Ink” mugs from Cricut but I use the 15 ounce mug template. Load the template into Photoshop, position the design onto the template, turn off the template lines, and it’s ready to print.

Note: you can use Silhouette Studio (the free software) and Inkscape (free) to position and print. There are many tutorials for each software option.

Horizontal image of a 15 oz coffee mug template filled with a colorful SVG in Photoshop.
Using Photoshop, it is easy to turn on and off the layers, position a design, and print with the right sublimation color profile.

Step 3: Set Color Profile, Settings, and Print

Use the printer and color profile you have tested for your machine during its set up. I’m using Cosmos sublimation ink (highly recommend) and A-Sub paper at 125 gsm because that was what was loaded in the printer.

Note: make sure the colors and color profile are set up correctly (many video tutorials). Below are two prints: one with Photoshop managing colors, the other with the Cosmos Ink ICC).

Horizontal image showing the difference in sublimation prints using difference color profiles.
The sublimation print on the left is the default from Photoshop while the one on the right is my sublimation ink’s color profile.

For reference, sublimation PRINTS do not often match the SUBLIMATED design. Meaning, just because colors look “off” when printed, they don’t match the result after heating. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to put both on a mug so you can see the difference.

Horizontal image of a free funny Christmas SVG pressed onto a coffee mug with the Cricut Mug Press machine.
Make sure the color profile is correct and that you have taped the sublimation print down correctly or you run the risk of ruining one of your blanks.

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Step 4: How to Tape Sublimation Designs on Mugs with Handles

Cut out and wrap the design tightly on the mug and use heat safe tape. I use this tape from Cricut) to secure well and avoid any yellowing. Once taped, place the mug into the press as indicated in the instructions for the unit and sublimate.

When I tape mugs with a handle, I create a bridge of discarded sublimation paper between the two handles and tape the two sides together tightly. Remember: tightly – you want to avoid “ghosting,” which is what could happen if the image shifts.

You can stop here and press with just the bridge tape, but you risk ghosting at the top of the design. I used two pieces of tape covering the “I Am” part of the design to keep the top of the design pressed against the mug.

Step 5: How to Remove Paper from a Sublimated Mug (HOT)

Protect your hands; these mugs are HOT when they come out of the press. The handle isn’t hot when using the Cricut Mug Press, so you can lift it out and place it on a trivet or heat-safe surface.

Put on heat resistant gloves (or use a pot holder) and remove the paper before the item cools. Again, this will help avoid “ghosting.” I like to use my nails to lift the tape but have also used a toothpick to get the tape started without touching the mug.

Vertical image of a woman holding a Christmas coffee mug sublimated with the Cricut Mug Press using a colored SVG.
In just 10 minutes, you can size, print, and press this sarcastic Christmas design (or any other).

Step 6: Let the Sublimation Mug Cool

I have a set of cork trivets I use to allow mugs and tumblers to cool upon. Honestly, I usually let them sit for at least 10 minutes, sometimes 15 before I handle them or inspect for any ghosting.

Woman holding a I am a Joy to the World funny Christmas mug made with the Cricut Heat Press and A-sub sublimation paper.
In just a few minutes, you can create bright, vibrant sublimation coffee mugs for friends, family, or yourself.

More Free SVG Designs and Bundles

SVG Commercial License and Usage Notes

Please note that although these free SVG cut files come with a commercial license which allow you to SELL products made with them, they cannot be used as-is on any print on demand service (Merch, Spring, Redbubble, etc.).

The commercial license includes the ability to sell physical goods you create with this file. No digital goods can be made or sold using this design, nor can you use this design to create a derivative work. You may not share, post, or distribute these free SVG files in any Facebook group, forum, drive, or other electronic format.

How to Use and Download These Free SVG Designs

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After downloading the zip file, unzip per your device’s instructions and upload the design to software. Download the free “I Am a Joy to the World” free Christmas SVG (instant download after you add it to cart and checkout with a zero balance).

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