Free Grinch SVGs – Resting Grinch Face SVG and So Many More!

These free Grinch SVGs are the perfect way to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. From Resting Grinch face to cookies, grab these free Christmas SVGs now.

Free Grinch SVG Collection from Ruffles and Rain Boots
These fun and free Grinch SVG files are perfect for holiday crafting. You get a Grinch face SVG and a few premade cut files to get started.

Free Grinch SVGs – #1 Free Grinch Face SVG

Most of my friends know I love putting together free SVG collections and creating fun SVGs here on Ruffles and Rain Boots. Yesterday, a friend needed a Grinch face SVG file… Okay, so I’m not sure NEED is the right word, however, she wanted one and I knew I could comply.

I whipped out my Wacom tablet, fired up Adobe Illustrator and created her this fun slimline free Grinch face SVG. I’m sharing it with you, too, because look at all the cute stuff you can make with it! Just scroll down…

But first — Did you see these NEW GRINCH SVG files? I made a fun cutout design.

Free Grinch Face SVG Cut Files with project ideas

Free Resting Grinch Face SVG

This free “Resting Grinch Face SVG” just cracks me up! I almost – almost – put it on a onesie for my niece because at only 3 months old she throws some serious shade with those looks! Should I make it?

Free SVG Resting Grinch Face Grinch Cut File on t-shirt with vinyl

Free This is My Resting Grinch Face SVG

And who could resist adding a bit of personalized fun with “This is My Resting Grinch Face SVG?” I could wear this proudly while standing in the massive lines on Black Friday but who am I kidding? I’ll be shopping from my bed in my jammies.

This is My Resting Grinch Face Free SVG on a t-shirt

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Free Grinch, Please SVG

My friend loved this “Grinch, Please SVG,” so I had to whip one up. Again, I almost put it on a onesie… Babies wearing inappropriate onesies crack me up.

Grinch Please SVG File Free for The Grinch Christmas crafts and gifts

Free I’m a Grinch Before Coffee SVG

Now here’s my favorite: this “I’m a Grinch Before Coffee SVG” has my name ALL over it. I’ve been awake since 2:30 am friends, so it definitely applies.

Free Grinch Before Coffee SVG on white mug

Free Grinch Better Have My Cookies SVG

While we were messaging, a friend said this and I had to make it as part of the free Grinch SVGs set. How could I resist a Christmas cookie plate with The Grinch on it?

Christmas Cookie Plate with Grinch Better Have My Cookies Free SVG file on holiday background

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How to Download These Free Grinch SVGs and Cut Files

These files are free and all I ask is that you please share this before downloading. Just click on either the Facebook or Pinterest buttons on this page and share with friends and fellow crafters.

Free Grinch SVGs

Get the Free Grinch SVGs!

Click below to add these to your cart. Be sure to get the 2nd free set of Grinch SVGs, too!

All of the files are located in the six Grinch SVG Collection here – available to everyone. Be sure to check out our other eight free Grinch Head SVG files here, too.

Get 45 More Free Christmas SVG Files

Crafting for the holidays can be hard and I’d like to help make it easy. I’ve put a ton of my brand new designs into the shop and are giving them away to subscribers for free. Happy holidays, indeed. Whether or not you’re already getting the Ruffles and Rain Boots newsletter, just pop your info into the box below and you’ll receive 12 days of crafty happiness delivered right to your inbox.

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How to Use These Free Grinch SVG Files for Cricut+

To cut the entire face (before or after adjustments), weld it after importing. To cut each piece for individual placement (and maximization of blank material), do not weld.

In order to get the eye color, un-weld the image and identify either small or large part of eyes to color differently. Uncheck all other pieces and cut the eyepieces only.

Note: the free Grinch face SVG files are for personal use only.

Free Grinch SVGs

More Grinch SVG Free Files for Crafts

If you want a few more ideas and a different style of free Grinch cut files, be sure to check out our free Grinch head SVG and cut file collection here. It features a few designs perfect for decor and gifts.

I designed these 8 free Grinch head SVG and cut files for fun Christmas crafts.

If you need a quick and simple design for a Grinch fan, visit Pineapple Paper Co and download the free Merry Grinchmas Grinch SVG file free Merry Grinchmas Grinch SVG file.

photo collage of grinch free svgs on a plate and shirt with text which reads free grinch cut files

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These fun and free Grinch SVG files are perfect for celebrating the movie or for Christmas crafting. Click through to download all the free Grinch cut files! #freesvgs #freesvg #Grinch #TheGrinch #cricut #silhouette

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    1. It has the link in the “How To Download These Free Grinch SVGs And Cut Files” section – it says, “six Grinch SVG collection here.” I validated the link and it is working. You could also get there by clicking on ‘shop’ in the menu and then navigating to Christmas files.

    1. Julie, I just added Denmark to the country list. Sorry about that – we are trying to limit the amount of spam so we are still adding countries. Thank you for reaching out – the free files should be available for download now.

  1. I’m new to Cricut, I downloaded your resting grinch face image but cannot figure out how to make it so the words will cut on different mats. It isn’t letting me ungroup the image or unweld.

    1. Krista,
      There are a few files in the folder – instead of the single cut, you’ll need the ones that are individual (labeled “Grinch only,” for example). Hope that helps.

    1. Sandy, that’s what I did when I first started, too! :) Take advantage of the Cricut library – you will get a free subscription for a couple months and they have some tutorials in there which really helped me.

      Let me know if there is anything I can design for you. Have fun crafting with your new Cricut!